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Wing Walkers Battles


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WW Battles is a concept that we've been kicking around for a while and not really having an opportunity to implement until now.  We ultimately envision these battles as a squad v squad event, one side plays Red, the other Blue. Play the same mission again in a couple of weeks and the squads switch sides from what they played previously.


For this coming Tuesday, Vonrd suggested that JG1 might go Russian pending numbers of members wanting to fly Russian crates. Dubya suggested that if necessary we could flesh out the sides with WW members such as myself who don't particularly care what side we fly on. 


We'll leave it up to you guys to decide if that would work for JG1, there's also the possibility of having some of the Danger Dogz participate as well and I know that quite a few of them fly Russian birds.  Again we can jointly decide if we'd invite them to participate.


I've asked our guys to respond with what side they'd prefer to fly, Red or Blue and/or go where needed. I'll keep you posted on the count.


So, here is the map we'll be using for this Tuesday.  It's winter so dress warm, bring the vodka and lots of bombs and ammo.  There will be AI flights for both sides, so if you get tired of killing WW's there will be plenty of them around for you to take care of.  We'll keep it no icons, externals permitted in addition to gps enabled. If you want it different let us and we'll work it out.


Mission is called Airfields Battle and was hijacked from Wings of Liberty, modified with AI flights by our friends in the Danger Dogz.


Geezer notes:


Here is the map with the plane sets....the bases marked in black will not turn over to the other side, but the bases marked in yellow can be defeated and brought over to your side.


Here are the plane sets. The ones that show both German and Russian Planes are set up to be defeated and converted to the other side. The second plane set only shows up if the enemy is destroyed in that quadrant


Not sure I'm attaching files correctly, this map isn't very big or clear.  Visit our forum for a better map view http://www.wingwalkers.org/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=212&t=18362


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Let's practice up on the Russian planes guys. I would suggest the Yaks, IL2s and PE2s, (and P40 if you think you can manage it's energy well).


The Yaks are probably the easiest planes to fly of the BOx plane set... really hard to blow the engine. Keeps energy well in turns, good down low. Just maneuver to deny the 109s / 190s the "boom" and wait for an opening when they get frustrated and try to saddle on 6:00.


The IL2 is tough and maneuvers pretty well, carries respectable mud and the 37mm guns rip any German tank and you can load rockets along with the guns. Visibility sucks to the side unless you keep the canopy open.


PE2 is fast, maneuverable and has deadly AI gunners.


Don't forget to bind a key to "Wheel Brakes"... toe brakes don't work on Russian and British planes... default key is slash (fwd).

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Guys, I apologize for not giving you some additional details, no excuse on my part.


I know some of you have flown this one with us previously so I made an assumption that you'd remember what the objectives were, bad assumption on my part :(


So here is the mission brief and combat tasks.




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Thanks guys,


Have to admit that it was a lot of fun, pretty evenly matched as well with 8 per side.  With Gen leading the way as a bombing maniac, we were all worrying that you'd take out all our infrastructure and win the war yourself :)


All in all I think it was darn good for our first attempt at something like this, and we're looking forward to switching sides on the next one.  We'll also look into the suggestions that everyone put forward last night and see how we can improve on the next map rotation, we'll keep you posted on how that goes.


Here's a couple of shots of the stats which show that the Red side eked out the win with a total score of 2480 to 2212, nicely done fellas!


Hmm, can't attached the pics, says the file is too big, so here's the link to the AW stats, http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/mission/526/

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I just posted this on WW forum:


Consensus of JG1 pilots is that we all had a great time!

Per Spardog:
Is it still Wing Walker's training strategy to have us fly as a coordinated unit? To eventually be able to join an online server as a squadron and be the squad to "fear"?

Well... that's our mission too eusa_dance.gif Fear the JG1s!... (Yeah, we're not there yet but getting better every session).

To that end I would humbly suggest that the map size be reduced in order to increase the likelihood of having more engagements. I'm not sayin "Airquake" mind you. Just that the more engagements the more opportunity we both have to hone our air to air, escort and ground attack while under duress. If we continue to have adequate numbers and with a smaller map, perhaps the AI could be reduced or eliminated? 

You recently said that Danger Dogs might join. Is that still a possibility? Any other squads that we might contact? The more the better but still keep it a closed / invite server IMHO.

By the way, JG1 Kleigmann has been building a map for what we hope will be a future "Dead is Dead" tournament. It's in the final testing stage and really needs a stress test. We've been testing it right after FIF on Saturdays at about 13:30 PDT so if any WWs want to join in we would most happy to have y'all there. If you need the JG1 TS info and the server password just give a post at the JG1 forum or send me a PM.

And... you're all very welcome if you would like to get back to old times and fly in FIF.



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Revised the mission based on several requests for next Tuesday Feb 26th


1. Reduce Map size ( to make sure plenty of engagement)

2. Changed to mid day with clear skies ( easier to see aircraft)

3. Changed to "parked" ground start so you have to start your engine ( 90 degrees to airstrip so not much taxiing required)

4. Moved in a second airfield for German side so map is balanced


Would like to ask the JG1 guys to fly Russian one more time, than we will switch for the next two weeks so you guys can fly German.  Is that okay?


Oh yeah, replaced Foo Fighter fires, hopefully they will stay on the ground this time!!



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Okay gents, 


So radically reduced AI, but want to be clear on what I did in case it impacts your strategy.  The original mission had the entire front line blanketed with a grid of spawns so you were guaranteed to run into bad guys.  I trimmed that way back and only left AI defending the three targets on each side.  Not overwhelming numbers, just to make sure that you see some action at every target, but you will no longer get bushwacked on the way there, unless it is by living pilots from the other side.


Will see how it goes ( hopefully I didn't break anything)


Plan is to run this week with JG1 as Russian this week, switch to WW's as Russian next week.


Let me know if any concerns.



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Well, not sure that was a great night of flying for you guys.  I accidently left Icons on, sorry about that!  Also probably should have balance the sides more.  Next week we will switch sides and WW's will fly Russian.  Let me know if you have any suggestions on the mission itself.  I did reduce the AI, still spawns some enemy when you reach a target.


As always thanks for joining us.

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Tuesday 3-6 is a meeting night from 5:30 - 6:00 Pacific, so we should start a little bit earlier, pretty much 6pm straight up, maybe 5 minutes of warm up to let people show.  Wingwalker's flying Russian, usual password.


I really stripped the AI down, so a couple enemy show up at the targets no matter what, but not much else.  You guys like that as is, or do you want  a bit more enemy AI coverage?


Also VonRd....can you remind me when you are flying your test server, some folks were interested, having trouble finding the post


Thanks All!

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No worries...happy to have whoever we can get.  Added back some of the AI.  Server was a little touch and go this week thanks to all the storms on the east coast.  Seems to be okay now.  Same map as last time, just switched sides, so we will be flying Russian.  usual password.  Should start right at 6:00 pm Pacific.

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WWBattles, This Tuesday at 6:15ish....apologize if we started early last week and missed some folks, will keep our eye on the lobby this time for late arrivers


1. We are tired of the snow, switched to a summer Stalingrad map

2. We will fly Russian again, likely switch to German the following week.

3. Narrowed the field of play to inside the white box unless either side destroys its two targets, than they can move on to the outside areas

4. Tired of Russian base names I can't pronounce so shorten them and gave them slang names ( Kuzz, Bass, Verne, Zappa)

5. Kept ample AI, if we get higher attendance will cut that back


You are all welcome to join if interested.  


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