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FC Skins anyone?

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16 hours ago, Vonrd said:

Here's just a few screenshots. I'm working on compiling the zip file for complete FC skins to date. 

DV Brit.jpg

I love it Vonrd!  The white makes it pop!

4 hours ago, Luftritter said:

Well that was a mistake.  I was about to comment on the similarity of my D.Va wheels and Brit's.  Then I went into RoF and looked at the JG1 skins.  Damned if I didn't somehow duplicate Brit's wheels without even knowing about it.  It was about to become a design element on all of my planes.

I need to have a careful look at all of our previous skins to make sure I'm not inadvertently copying elements of other people's designs.

Brit / Vonrd, please let me know what you'd like me to do, considering I've copied you by accident.  My skins can be altered and re-uploaded if you want.



BTW Klaiber reacted to my original post, not this completely different edited version.  I'm sure he was unaware of my mistake when he reacted.

It's just the wheels, Luft, no encroachment considered.  As Klai said, it's a pretty simple design and probably easily duplicated in real life.  Fred made my first skins, by the way ;)

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4 hours ago, Vonrd said:

I wouldn't worry about it, it's a common wheel design (probably because it's so easy to do   😏).

Still, it's not necessary to have, but only a convenience, now that it's already been done.  I'm sure somebody else must already have half black / half yellow.

The only really truly historical universal wheel design for J10 is all yellow.  But that's kinda boring.  🙄

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The only other custom skins done for me was the Dr.I and my P.DIII by Vonrd, both with solid red rims.  The Dr.I is in the download file but the Pfalz didn't make it, though the proof was approved in March, I think. Sorry for the quick VR hangar grab, also has 3, thin red stripes on the horizontal stab and elevator, aligned lengthwise to the fuselage.


The yellow/black ones were pretty much carried over from Buttzell's original skins for me in RoF, when I was in Jasta 10.  I was moved to Jasta 11 when I was appointed XO and started incorporating red into my skins, along with yellow to show that I was in both.  I don't recall the other RoF skins and, since VR took over my life, I don't have that game installed on my PC. 

If @Vonrd would like, he could mix some of these elements over the Alb, above. Which would leave you with the only yellow/black rims.  Which I'll roleplay as you idolizing your favorite, former J10 pilot :P

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Works for me!  And so true. 😄 

I've been spending a lot of time lately researching personal paint schemes of German aces in my "XXXX Aces of World War 1" series (insert plane type).  One thing that is confusing is how a Staffed commander's paint scheme is handled when he's promoted to a higher position such as Geschwader commander of the same group.  Many, if not most of these remained actively flying.  Some of these kept some, or in some cases all of the elements of their previous staffel design.  Others eventually changed it totally (Goring is an example of that).

Some famous schemes were handed down intact to other pilots; some of Udet's actually came from Kirschstein and he simply added his simple "LO" to the side, and later kept some of the elements such as the striped wings on his later schemes.  There are other examples of that too.

So your (or our) situation is actually pretty historical, really.

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