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New update in Il-2!


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(Full update text here.)

Specifically as far as Flying Circus is concerned: 


"Flying Circus - Volume 1 is now available in its fully planned state and all the remaining ground-based equipment of the First World War have been added in our new standard of visual quality. Observation balloons with observers who may leap from their post when under attack are also included now. A number of improvements were also made on the map, primarily to the front line. We hope that users who purchase this project will like the step forward in comparison with our previous title Rise of Flight, especially in the visual quality of aircraft and the environment that we, together with our partner Yugra Media, have created for you. Although the flight models generally correspond to the ones from Rise of Flight, many of the improvements that have been made over the past 7 years for Il-2 Sturmovik play a role in Flying Circus as well. Such improvements automatically benefit all projects within the framework of our one common game world and give a new, previously unavailable experience of virtual flight and combat in the First World War. All these new opportunities unfold in their fullest when playing with the use of virtual reality devices. FC includes so many new things - new landscape technology, new lighting and clouds, better sound, new AI and improved ballistics, new graphic effects and new materials for aircraft surfaces, new detailing of textures and models - all this and much more gives the virtual pilots of the First World War something that is not available anywhere else. We hope to make more Flying Circus volumes in the future and we thank those who have jumped into this new product so far!"

Here's a list of the included WW1 assets: 


7.7 cm FK 96 n.A
QF 4.5-inch howitzer
15 cm sFH 13 howitzer
QF 13 pounder 6 cwt AAA gun
7.7 cm FlaK L/27 AAA gun
Hotchkiss Mle 14 regular and AA machineguns
Spandau MG 08 regular and AA machineguns
Great War searchlights
Thornycroft J-type self-propelled AA gun
Daimler M1914 armored self-propelled AA gun
Benz LKW 1912 truck
Leyland 3 Ton RAF truck
Crossley T5 command vehicle
Mercedes Kettenwagen 22 command vehicle

Can't wait to get home and download it! 😃

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12 minutes ago, Ludwig said:

Pretty stupid of me......  but I have not looked at FC in about a year.  I bought that and was getting the airplanes...  so.... do I have this or is this another add-on that must be purchased?


If you bought into FC, you have all this already. 👍

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