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FC Problems


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S! All,


FC has several problems with the new objects. Many do not work as they did in RoF.

One of the greatest hindrances is the soggy ground.  It prevents map makers from placing additional airfields on the map.  If you spawn in now, your wheels are all bogged down.

It also means we loose missions that require a  plane to land behind enemy lines such as the Spy, General Capture and Prisoner rescue missions from FiF.


I posted a poll on the IL2 forums. Please vote.

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Is it actually impossible to take off again? Or, is it worse in some areas over others?  Does it depend on the weight of the plane, at all?

My only experience with it was when I flew a spy mission in the U-2VS, in the current Wing Walkers campaign. I had flown it on a practice server, and although I definitely noticed an extreme difficulty in getting the plane rolling, I was able to take off again.  At that time the landing place was not very accurately specified, and it was generally just in a field near a lake.  I was able to get the plane moving by using full power, but that was not enough by itself to get the plane "unstuck"; after I started rocking the rudder back and forth fully, it began to move.  Once it was rolling, take off was pretty normal after that.

Later I was told you couldn't land because you wouldn't be able to take off again. Then they altered the mission such that you had to circle over a specific spot to complete the mission.

I kind of thought it was cool the original way.  It gave you a real feeling of landing in the bush.  But I would not like it if it was like that EVERYWHERE you landed, no matter what; or if it was so severe that certain planes could never take off, regardless.

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You have a less than 50 percent chance of landing without crashing, Even if you land you have a good chance of damaging the plane. If you do manage a safe landing you still have a large chance of damaging it or crashing trying to take off again.


The soggy ground is more like a programmer saying "Look what we can do."   Wonderful but is it needed ore useful?


Nobody has yet mentioned any benefit to soggy ground.

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2 hours ago, Butzzell said:

Roads are OK if u stay on them.

...well... then we could discuss this as feature, that adds some additional challenge. As compensation it could be considered to shrink the zones for General Capture and Spy pick up a little and place more of them over map, always next to some big roads. Only one of them is active, but enemy don't know which one... (similar to HQ, but without any visible mark like the flak truck). Additionally you could provide more dedicated planes for those missions as chances for wrecking them are a little higher.

Nevertheless the soggy ground is still an issue if there is no way to place individual airfields.

If it would be realized that way, that mission buliders can place active and inactive airfields (inactive ones e.g. for prisoner rescure) with better ground conditions individually I would see the soggy ground really as feature that adds some immersion. (esp. as there is still a chance for successfull landing and take off, but with higher chance of fail....)


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