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Tank N Spank intro


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S! All,


I posted the intro to Tank 'N Spank on the TC forums. please note that we will be using the unofficial RoF TS for coms. This and SRS looked like the easiest way to get people on coms.

"This is an introductory event. The mission is intermittently running on the JG1 server so that people can check it out. It will be run as an open server event on Sept 20th and 27th at 2:30 pm Eastern North American time.   In game coms SRS will be available. Recommended coms are on Team Speak  ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777  pw- 1917. Axis players please use main German channel and Allied players please use main English channel.

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Sorry I couldn't make it, and I will not be there for next weeks as well..damn vacations!  😃  But we will do all we can to help promote this project. I hope more of our guys, as well as some of the community can join next weeks mission.  The problem has always been getting people to commit to a specific time slot.  

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