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HP Reverb G2


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The cable on this unit is much longer and heavier that my Oculus unit. I picked up a ceiling suspension system as it was driving me mad catching on my seat. Hope this fixes the issue as it's pretty annoying.

I picked up the Kiwi Design Silent VR cable management system, it means mounting it above myself but right now it's a big problem catching on my chair.

Back to reading more to fine tune in DCS.


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Yeah the HP cables are allot heavier than Oculus ones. My solution was to do a loop with the cable behind the headband secured with zip ties. This provides some slack to the cable preventing it from wearing out the socket (a significant problem with the G1), provide a counterbalance for the weight of the headset making it balance on my head but it also makes the cable fall down my back so its out of the way & I dont notice it.   

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Here is my solution for the G2 cable getting caught on the back of my chair.

Counter Weight 200g from Studioform Creative VR https://www.studioformcreative.com/reverb-g2


Kiwi Design Silent Cable Management Pulley system https://www.kiwidesign.shop/products/v2-kiwi-design-management-retractable-vr-accessories







I've also cleaned up the cables that were on the floor with cable track on the baseboards.


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3 hours ago, Lipfert said:

It's kept me from going crazy during the lockdowns to be honest.


Right out of University, lost my first good job, got an awful one, lost that one, now going to flight school. MASSIVE explosion in the amount of contract sim racing and race coaching work now slowly dying off again as things slowly open.

Only been about 1.5 years, two in March or April, I believe? 

What a wild time. I'm glad everybody in the squadron is still here and able to be safe and healthy for the most part. 

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15 minutes ago, Snaggle said:

Does you quest run war and steam, if either yes give it a shot

I think it depends on the Application - "VR" only games are typically run via the Facebook & Oculus store apps but games that HAVE Vr Features (AMS2 for example) I can often run in Steam VR mode - hopefully this fix helps with those games, thanks Gordon! 

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