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The B-52 Flight Simulator Trains Of The Cold War

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Great stuff Klaiber. I love the Link trainer, I walk past one every day at work. We have a restored trainer identical to that one in the lobby. Imagine what the bouncing and vibration of those train cars did to the moving parts inside those simulators. I bet there were pieces/parts on the deck after every move, then you get to play the where did this go before it fell off game. 

My neighbor growing up in Austin in the 60s when Bergstrom was a SAC base was Col. Harry Lester. He was on the Buff and as an AC commander he had the red phone with the 100' cord on it so he could take it out in the back yard when he was grilling steaks. I would see it on the picnic table next to him and think.... wonder what it sounds like if that thing rings. (Fall of 1962) 

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