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  1. Went for a bike ride today. Picture below shows just east of Highway 101 between Healdsburg and Windsor. You can see the top of the ridge pretty well gone. Went up some side roads and the fire burned right up to the vineyard boundaries. Vineyards are reasonably good firebreaks when properly maintained (cleared and irrigated). Fire got within a football field length of several homes in this area which was under evacuation orders.
  2. JG1, Geyserville was the first place evacuated about 06:00 AM last Thursday since the winds were driving the fire down the ridge across from our house (see attached). Wednesday night around 09:30 PM the lights flashed and the internet dropped off line. That was a PG&E power line going down near the geothermal station on Pine Flat (see attached). We had an evacuation warning as we were going to bed and a mandatory evacuation early Thursday. There are about a mile or so of vineyards—which don’t burn well—and the Russian River between Geyserville and that ridge. However, with the wind gusts they always worry that fires can start quickly a couple of miles away from the main fire due to blowing embers. Plus the road network is fairly limited in our area and they want the people out so the roads are clear for fire equipment. We went to stay with Tricia’s cousin in Healdsburg Thursday and Friday. Healdsburg was evacuated Saturday morning at 10:00 AM followed by Windsor and then parts of Santa Rosa. We went down to Menlo Park and Patrick got us a room at the Residence Inn that takes pets. We sat it out there from Saturday until Thursday morning. Tom Petty’s song “The Waiting is the Hardest Part” covers that period. Geyserville was not under much threat after the first 48 hours since the fire had burned what it could on the ridge and moved on. Plus the vineyard and river defenses. However, Healdsburg and Windsor are mostly on the east side of the river and the winds were driving it that way. They set fire lines on a couple of outlying roads and successfully kept the fire away from them. The Pine Flat picture attached is looking east from the crest (popular local bike ride since Pine Flat and Alp D’ Huez are quite similar--attached). Picture was taken about two weeks ago near the crest during a ride. The fire burned a lot of stuff out east. Fortunately, there aren’t any structures, people, roads or anything out there so they just let it go until it gets near something important. Napa was under warning, however, looks like it is betting beaten down fast. As we drove home, saw mucho fire equipment headed south for the fires down there. Stressful week, however, California has established pretty solid procedures from the experience of recent fires. Get the people out and the equipment in. Believe we had about 6000 people fighting the fire at peak. Still, constant evacuations with three cats and two dogs aren’t fun. Next door neighbors had to move three times; Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Petaluma. They’ve lived here 27 years and this was the first time they’ve evacuated so that’s encouraging. Hopefully one gigorgous fire per lifetime. Vikner
  3. VF-51 emblem attached.
  4. If one team is short, allocate extra lives to bring the total numbers equal. That would reward the players who show up for the short side.
  5. Suggest you go to YouTube and watch some of the reviews. Quite informative.
  6. Just finished flight testing the new FMs. Here is how they line up. All flown at 1000 meters, 50% fuel, auto level, with mixture adjusted for max RPM when applicable. Max RPM achieved and speed in KPH (indicated, not true, but all at same pressure altitude) if someone wants to compare. Just did the ones with major FM mods but will probably expand to all aircraft when I have time: Sopwith Camel 1200 RPM 161 KPH Sopwith Pup 1180 RPM 151 KPH Sopwith Tripe 1180 RPM 161 KPH PDIIIa 1550 RPM 175 KPH DIII 1540 RPM 180 KPH DVa 1540 RPM 180 KPH DRIa 1320 RPM 165 KPH SE5a 1880 RPM 204 KPH My initial impression is that they look reasoanble based on historic comparison. Camel won't run down an Albatross anymore.
  7. Sort of looked Mosquito like to me too. Also, look close at the one at the 2.00 mark. Not sure if it is a 190 or a P-47. Famous WWII photo of a kamikaze being shot down. Big black explosion at the top and plane falling out with fuselage wrapped in flames. Only problem is it is an F4F Wildcat. OOPS!
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