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  1. I think there is a preference to use Discord. @loopy
  2. J5_Spyboy Jasta 5 (Jasta5.org) GMT+1 (BST)
  3. 06/06/ session well attended with 48 pilots. Unfortunately the Gremlins in the JG1 Server regularly disconnected Daedallus, Chunko, and myself last night. We are UK based.
  4. J5_Spyboy Jasta 5 Central preferred but Don't Care. GMT Salute
  5. I have been away for the past 2 weeks and completely missed this. I hope its not too late to register as my Jasta colleagues will miss their bullet magnet mascot (me) to the obvious detriment of their ultimate victory! Salute.
  6. I am somewhat disappointed to report that RL is getting in the way of the Dry Run Mission on Saturday... make that extremely! I have been flying a Roland in practice as well!! Hope all goes well. Good Luck to everyone, BUT slightly more luck to the Blues! All
  7. Hi Klaiber Salute I will be there. Spyboy
  8. Can I suggest that if you are looking at t rudder pedals you combine them with VKB Gladiator stick, its a very robust well engineered combination. S
  9. Trim!!! I didn't know about this! I guess I should RTFM, but after all this time.... just goes to show. S
  10. Salute All Name: Spyboy TimeZone: GMT+1 Squad: None Team: Entente ( either side would do)
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