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FIF 2021 "Fall Campaign" Registration (Flying Circus)


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Welcome to the Flanders In Flames Online War! 

All new pilots will need to register for the FIF2021 Fall Campaign!

All returning pilots will need to sign-in!  This includes pilots from JG1 (the host squadron).

Note: virtual-squadron commanders or representatives can mass-register their pilots!

Note: please make sure to join FIF's Discord: https://discord.gg/HVmET2AmbZ

. . .

Please post the following information:

  • Your In-Game Name:
  • [if applicable] Your Squadron affiliation (with squadron website if possible):
  • Your timezone:

Your post within this thread is very important!  It gives us a headcount for the event, as well as a clear idea as to who to give access to.
After posting within this thread, please be patient.  I will not post a complete list of who has been assigned to what team until we are closer to the event start date.
Note: Blue Team and the Red Team are not affiliated with either in-game side.  Rather, the Blue Team and the Red Team will often switch between Central and Entente, allowing everyone to fly all aircraft.

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