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  1. 4 hours ago, Yogi said:

    I finished Devotion, great book!

    I then went on a helo kick & ripped through Low Level Hell.

    Paperback Low Level Hell : A Scout Pilot in the Big Red One Book

    This is a phenomenal book but sadly all to short. I finished it in 2 weeks reading 30min before bed & the odd trip to the head so picked up another Vietnam era book, Chickenhawk. 


    It does a great job of putting a face to the Huey pilots story & I enjoyed it greatly! 

    Finally I am currently working on Easy Target


    I am struggling through this one. The writing while not bad, aint great but more to the point I am having difficulty connecting with this guy. His story is one I can not relate to. He was an anti war guy who volunteered to keep from getting drafted. The decisions that got him into the position of being a Scout pilot in Vietnam were ones of looking for the easy way out all while getting drunk & stoned as often as possible. He manned up & did his job but I am quite certain had I run into him when I was in the Army I would have distanced myself from him. 


    I've read them all and have to say that "Chickenhawk" was my favorite.

  2. If you like historical fiction I can recommend the "Hamfist" series. I've read them all and hope that he comes out with something new. The author, G.E.Nolly is a veteran Air Force pilot and therefore the tech details are correct and the writing is actually pretty good and there is lots of humorous events.

    • George Nolly served as a pilot in the United States Air Force, flying 315 combat missions on two successive tours of duty in Vietnam, winning 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 24 Air Medals, flying O-2A and F-4 aircraft. In 1983, George received Tactical Air Command Instructor of the Year Award for his service as an instructor in the Air Force Forward Air Controller course.




  3. I agree with Klai. I avoid purchasing anything on Steam whenever possible. If you buy direct from whichever developer they get 100% of the funds. Steam takes a cut. Also, Steam is confusing when you want to load a game in a different drive. It can be done but you have to know how to do it. If you let Steam put it in the default "C" drive, I've found it problematic to move it to another drive. I'm sure it's probably due to my not being fully understanding, but that's just me and I find it better to avoid the issue entirely by purchasing direct from the Dev.

  4. I used to work on an L-39 with hot seats (Russian). I had to go through training by the main guy who imported them into the US. It was relatively simple to remove the seats but still stressful. I was more freaked about the canopy blow system which is essentially 4 rods (daggers 🗡️ 😲) in the canopy rails with explosive charges below them to drive them up and thus force the canopy up and off. They can't be removed easily and you have to make damn sure that the safety pin is in. Always had thoughts of it going off while I'm leaning in to the cockpit with my chest resting on the canopy rail. Of course, it never happened since I am able to type this.

  5. Unless it's a really old Cirrus it would have a Garmin with TCAS and I'm pretty sure that the Metro would have TCAS as well. Why did neither of them see the other acft. on the fish finder? Also, I would think that they were both under ATC control. Pretty sure that some heads might roll. Just goes to show that even with all the "modern" gizmos shit still happens. 

    I'm amazed and impressed that the Metro held together but I still don't want to work on one...  😒

  6. 3 hours ago, Klaiber said:

    I have had the mission editor crash on me a few times while working on things.  But they're mostly hangs, where I jump from some object to another and the game gives up the ghost.  This is a 2.7 issue, as it didn't happen in 2.5.  It almost makes me wonder if there is a memory leak.

    What I would recommend is to deactivate all of your mods (if you have any) through JSGME or OVGME, and then run a full repair of the game.  That will at least ensure that there are no errors on that level.  And if the game keeps crashing, it'll be because of a game problem.

    Here's how to repair if you're unfamiliar: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/repair/

    After that, I would also delete the contents of the fxo and metashader2 folders in Saved Games.  Again just to be safe and ensure that there are no hangs.

    After that, I'm not sure.  I think it becomes a Open Beta issue that they'll have to work out.

    Sorry I'm not any real help.

    Thanks Klai but sadly, I've already done all of those... looks like I'll have to live with it until ED comes up with a fix.

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