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  1. It was certainly an interesting race. It appears as if many teams are feeling the sting of limited season length and labor-hours in their factories due to COVID Shutdowns; Italy got hit particularly hard hence why Ferrari is struggling particularly bad. (After reading this I see Firefly mentioned this in the OP of the thread! Glad I'm not just crazy!) Lots of Hydraulic/Gearbox control related issues for Merc and Williams, which doesn't bode super well. Extremely high retirement rate due to Mechanical DNF in general today, which could really shake things up as the season goes on, considering how short it is. Happy for the pace of the new McLaren. Interested to see how the rest of the season pans out. My best bet is that we'll start to see the usual HAM-BOT-VER podium pattern once we get to the 2nd or 3rd circuit on the calendar and the teams are spooled up and operating at full tilt again. I hope to God I'm wrong, though. Love this sport, but have grown sick of watching it from 14-19' after being spoiled with 2009-2013 growing up. My gut feeling about the Albon/Hamilton incident is that according to F1 rules, more of the blame is on Albon; but as a driver I can pretty much tell HAM committed to the corner, then couldn't correct or back out and just got tangled in Albons wheel tracks and understeered into him - ALB was also trying to square the exit off (cut in at a steep, flat angle for traction) since he was on the Outside so they were naturally always going to hit each-other there. Sucks to see. Gutted for Albon. I feel like ruling it a racing incident w/ no penalty or the eventual actual outcome of a 5-second timed were pretty spot on by the stewards. It doesn't give Albon his race back but since it wasn't a particularly large mistake it doesn't warrant a 10 second timed or Drive-through. Watching the Ferrari onboards I feel like they're having problems with the Rear Roll-centre of the suspension and/or engine back-torque of the car. Both cars seemed to over-rotate when coasting on transition between braking and turn-in point. Vettel seemed to be having a much harder time of it than Leclerc did, and frankly the high casualty rate and pure luck managed to net a Ferrari Podium in this race. They'll probably be 5th-8th the rest of the season depending on how the McLaren gets developed and if Sport Pesa Racing Point can figure out how to update their reverse-engineered car. I'd watch for them to drop off it they haven't managed to understand the fundamental design concept by Hungary/Great Britain as everybody's gone through their first large ration of updates.
  2. If anybody wants some music that has less propensity to distract while on their June 29th Richtoffen practice sorties I would recommend the following, both for being pretty low-activity for the mind and nice and smooth. 😎 Joe Pass - Meditation - Solo Jazz Guitar: Masayoshi Takanata (Lead Writer for Japanese Jazz super-group "Cassiopea") - The Rainbow Goblins - Radio Play, Orchestral/Fusion funk: This one's really esoteric and has lots of cheesy sounding 1980's Synths and stuff so you might want to stay away from it, I was turned off by it personally at first and had to find which portions of which songs actually sounded real nice to me. Mostly the guitar tones - which are often used to make weather effects or simulate singing/violin melodies are really spectacular.
  3. Plonked down some Dosh on the Flying Circus module. Super excited to dip into WWI!
  4. @Greif I've actually been using Marc rebliet and Adam Neiley's funk key songs/lessons to learn how to play my Monophonic synth I have hooked up to my bass amp so I already know that jam you shared! good spot!
  5. I currently have a EVGA Geforce GTX 1070TI FTW Edition, it's got a boost clocker on it a normal 1070 doesn't so it's closer in performance to a 1080 card, really. Thanks for the recommendations!
  6. Okay, I'll dig the track IR out and try to set it up and start with that - I haven't used it in ages and have been cleaning a lot up around the house so fingers crossed I haven't accidentally disposed of it.
  7. Yes sir. Currently have for a flight setup a very simple rig. Single 18-inch 1600x900 monitor w/ TrackIR OR Occulus CV-1 VR - (This has some damage and does not track head movement outside a narrow arc, so trying to decide between this and TrackIR) Logitech 3D Pro Joystick w/ Twist handle rudder and built in throttle scroll. That's really it. I have a button box for sim racing I could potentially use for flight sim engine management controls but it's glued to the wall next to my sim frame for driving, so I'll probably use the button maps on the 3D pro instead.
  8. Awesome, I've got some work today until about Noon US Central time, after that I'm spending time with the lady friend but I will ping you mid-to-late afternoon sometime - I would actually really appreciate some help with setting up what controls are necessary for engine management etc in the German aircraft and the more basic things like that.
  9. Non-name brand Grape Flavored water mix - Sugar free of course for that artificial goodness. Been trying to drink more water and I find that flavoring a big 2-4 Liter Pitcher helps with that, grape is probably my favorite artificial flavor, too!
  10. Uh oh! Here's where I oust myself as a huge nerd! These ones I find really nice to have on loop when you're doing your flyouts, gets you feeling active and making a face like you've smelled something rotten. I normally try to listen to full albums in score order, even if I don't like/am not feeling certain songs. I think albums are a really good way to experience musical expression as one whole unbroken "story" as a lot of a times these musical albums aren't made in a Vacuum, but rather all at once or focusing on a particular evolution of an artists sound or a certain Mood/story type. Funky-Sound-Bombers by Cassiopea: https://youtu.be/rMBLjtZnOcI Head Hunters by Herbie Handcock: https://youtu.be/3m3qOD-hhrQ The Pinch by Albert King: https://youtu.be/coz3l9AyJLk
  11. This looks absolutely wicked! Thanks again for putting these series on!
  12. What is your current Timezone: US Central Standard Time (CST) Do you have a Joystick or HOTAS? I have a very basic Logitech 3D Pro w/ Twist rudder and plastic throttle tumb-rotor - luckily it also has hat-switch and base buttons for engine management controls and a weapon trigger. Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? No Teamspeak currently as I mostly use discord, however I can and will install Teamspeak again - I used to use it for many iRacing leagues between 2013-2016 Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? I do have a TrackIR and an Occulus CV-1 VR headset - it suffers from some poor quality head tracking issue that may be due to damage, though, so I would most likely be using the TrackIR instead. What sims are you currently flying? IL:2 Great battles series - Battles of Stalingrad and Kuban mostly, as well as pickup matches in War Thunder (A bit more arcade-oriented but not terrible) How did you hear about JG1? Through the 2Old4Forza Sim racing community inviting me to Race in the JG1 Sim racing league - and then realizing that the community was mostly flight sim oriented and discussing my setup a bit with Britchot on Discord! Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? I'm probably a bit more capable in the 4-wheeled vehicles than I am in the winged ones! I've been passionate about Military history and WWII era aviation for a very long time; have dabbled in many Simulators but never been part of an active squadron or done more than dipping my toe into some of the Larger IL:2 Great battles servers. I would most likely need some coaching to grow into a pilot that was helpful to the Geschwader rather than a more casual lazy-boy tumbling my way across the skies; but would love to learn and grow while still having fun with everybody! Due to the current COVID Situation I am laid off and my main source of income is now instructing racing students remotely on the simulators from home, so my schedule may be a bit odd and inconsistent at times as well; just to have that out front in case it's an issue.
  13. Hello! It's Ted! I think I accidentally made a second profile or I never made one to begin with, I can't remember which, but I'm here now and ready to get started! 

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