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Opencomposite (OpenXR) Launcher / Runtime Switcher


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After talking to some of the NA pilots last night I realized that some of them were unaware that there is an Opencomposite (OpenXR) Launcher/Runtime Switcher. It will allow you to quickly swap between openXR and SteamVR, should you wish to do so. I have some vr games and applications that aren't compatible with OpenXR, so I actually tend to use it frequently. 

A bonus feature is that it will check for updates to OpenComposite and allow you to update with a single button click. 

The direct link is: https://znix.xyz/OpenComposite/runtimeswitcher.php?branch=openxr

I understand that it looks like a shady link, however it comes from the OpenXR-Toolkit github page: 
Search for "launcher", and it will direct you to the link I've provided.


I hope this will simplify life for some of you!

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I uninstalled Steam and Steam VR and just use the runtime switcher to enable Flying Circus to run on my Reverb G2.

Launch Windows Mixed Reality Portal then launch Flying Circuis.  Works great with the added bonus of getting rid of unneeded software (Steam and its associated components).

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