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Korea IL-2 Series

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I certainly welcome it. This looks particularly interesting:

Ability to become a regiment commander and manage your unit supplies, personnel and aircraft, massive air raids on the current gen hardware thanks to simplified flight modeling of large bomber groups, functional radars, dozens of painstakingly recreated air including Tu-2 and B-29 bombers, naval and ground unit types including infantry squads to attack, protect and avoid.

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I'm very skeptical,  and said so on the forum  .  The reason why there have not been  a bunch,  with the exception of Mig Alley sims,  I think is because the interest for that is not high.   WW2  or WW1  has always been the draw and ww2 just draws more.  They had a ton of areas that could have still been done,  Italian Series 5 fighters were always a wanted addition.  More armor for TC,  More later war eastern front planes.   I think others have talked about the pacific,  and while that may draw well with americans,  I don't think it is that great for europe or alot of the rest of the world.  Maybe they will continue to model AC and armor for WW2,    I think  new planes and armor may actually outsell a korea model. 

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