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new year new goat?


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hey everyone. I got some tech questions. my little laptop I converted into my gaming system needs a serious upgrade! flying circus is beautiful but no matter how low I set my graphics setting... I get major lag on the multiplayer servers. especially on maps with a lot of water. so i'm looking to go all out and go for a complete VR setup. I got a nice little chunk of money set aside and after Klaiber was saying how amazing everything looked in VR, it had me thinking. unfortunately my tech savvy knowledge only deals with combustion engines and on board diagnostics in automobiles. so I need help trying to figure out the best setup I can get. i don't wanna end up with a subpar setup. so if anyone who has a VR setup would be able to steer me in the right direction, it'd be greatly appreciated and would get me back into the air in FC. I've always wanted to do flight sims in VR and I think it's finally time for me to take the leap. thanks for the help in advance. hope to hear everyone's way in soon

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Don't you worry buddy, we see you   ;)


The BEST "setup" that you could get would be one you build yourself out of premium components....


But if you're in a hurry and don't want to build, you're going to pay a higher price for a system with components that will certainly meet your needs, but most often charge more for fancy looks on the outside, and not-as-great components on the inside.

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Have you ever / do you think you could assemble / load one from scratch?  I would say it's not that hard, but that's my point of view.


My preference for a long time has been Gigabyte MB, Intel processor, memory which is as fast as it's non-overclocked speed will allow, M.2 SSD X4 PCIe of at least 500 GB, latest generation of single NVidia GPU (xx70 or xx80 series).  Good 850 watt power supply.


Don't know if they've progressed any beyond what I listed in the SSD department....haven't heard anything better recently.


MB model will depend on the best / most popular CPU socket that is currently being used for the best CPU you can afford.


In terms of pre-built machines, Alienware used to be considered pretty high-end.  I'm sure there are others that are at least as good now.  Don't screw around with odd, new form factors, though.  They will limit you a lot.  Good old ATX is the most popular, and always has great cooling potential.

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Same here. I basically Googled "build gaming PC" and looked at the recommendations. PC Gamer had good breakdowns as well as videos on how to build. Lots of build videos on YouTube as well. Here's an example:




Another build for about 2K:




The first button press to turn it on was pretty stressful  :(  ... but everything worked! A great confidence builder, especially if you have knowledgeable friends to help (I didn't... unless you count YouTube and Google) . I think I saved close to a grand by building it my self.

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If you're going to build one, I recommend going to PCPartPicker.com and set it up.  They run compatibility checks and highlight any issues as well as shop around for the best prices.  


This is pretty close to my latest build without peripherals (~$2700):




I went with a i7-9700k because it was about $150 cheaper at the time of my purchase and hyperthreading in gaming isn't used as much as CPU speed is.  I also believe that an i7 can be OC'd more than an i9, though I haven't touched it, yet.  You could also go with Win10 Home 64 bit, but I wanted some networking freedom with Pro. 


The compatibility issue with the Mobo and the 9th gen CPU is fixed by getting a cheap Celeron processor and plugging it in to update the BIOS.  Good news, I still have mine and can ship it to you for that exact purpose.  


I got some slightly different RAM, 3600 vs 3200, and a PNY 2080ti but they aren't showing as available on the lists, anymore. Here is my exact build, put together less than 30 days ago.  I also had an extra optical drive laying around and went with a 750w PSU instead of 850w.  If I run into power issues, I'll probably switch my 1kw from my old PC (way too much for that rig). So far, there has been no problems, though I need to replace a fan in my tower. 


To drop the price down so you can keep the total under 3k (VR and other peripherals) go with an i7-87XXk and 1080ti, instead. They're the last generation of top models and will do quite well for a number of years, still. 

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