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CH Pedals / Toe Brakes


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I remember having this problem myself.

Try removing the contents of the following folder:  \IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\input

Save them somewhere safe, or just rename the folder.  input_old.  Something like that.   That way you can reverse this.

This should blank out your controls.  And blank out your HOTAS, forcing the game to relocate them.

Then start up again.  And the axis controls should then work.

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Maybe a possible workaround: I use for push of my pedals for other functions (push-to-talk in teamspeak and toggleof  the service menue) and using the twist axis instead for the wheel brakes... works fine for me. Only minus point is that I need a seperate button assigned for using both wheel brakes...

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@Wittmann, you could try while in the keybinding menu push the brake, either left or right, already before you assign the brake function and then let go of the left/right brake. If the program doesn’t pick it up right away then push the pedal again and hit Retry and let go of the brake again. This also works with some of the other axis than pitch/role.

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Do those axis' show to be working normally in other apps (since you don't use CH Control Manager), such as when you check/test their calibration in the Game Controllers section of Windows, or possibly in DIView?

If they work properly there, it is possible to edit that file mentioned by Klaiber above to add the proper axis' to the correct place in the file.  However that is something that you shouldn't do unless you completely understand how the lines work, or you have somebody to explain it to you.

I know one thing, when you install the CH Control Manager software, it creates some virtual devices.  I don't know, but maybe the lack of those (since you don't use it) might have something to do with those axis' not being sensed within the game.

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