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Let's blow the dust off the Gothas


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Hi guys!

What do you mind to join Adler Legion in small event in ROF this Friday? Do you miss WWI heavy bombers and adequate DM? :)

In short, the event is dedicated to Gothas and their historic raids on cities in England. Several Gothas take off from the mainland and fly to Dover to bomb strategically important targets such as the port infrastructure, railway station, etc.
The port is protected by small Entente fighter forces and flaks. 
We flew this event in December 2017 and it was quite interesting. Having the stupid situation with DM in the Flying Circus, all our pilots, without exception, jumped back into the ROF and decided to gather in such chamber event. And we invite you to join us and we will be glad if you do. 
You can fly for either side, no restrictions. In general, the more Gothas we have, the better.

By this link you can see screenshots from that flight in 2017 - https://riseofflight.ru/forum/topic/45472-event-london-gudbaj/?p=635887 .

Despite Germany's superior forces, the Gothas couldn't destroy all the targets in two flights. Dover was protected by few Hanriots HD.2 with assistance of several AI Sopwith Pups. At the moment, we're discussing options for the Entente fighters and the Gothas' cover fighters (if any). Anyway, this will depend on the number of participants.

The flight will take place on Friday this week. At 19:00 Zulu -  briefing, at 19:30 - start. Treat this event as a cozy, interesting flight in the company of old friends in an old favourite game - no any serious requirements or hard trainings for that.

What do you think?




*more details soon

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We're planning to use unofficial Rise of Flight Teamspeak. We meet there usually when we fly in ROF. We can also use your TS if you like.

Same with Discord. Here is link to the Adler Legion discord - https://discord.gg/gTCayaJ

I have created room special for English-speaking members. I guess you can go crazy from the Russian flood in the common room :D 

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49 minutes ago, BaronVonMyakin said:


We're planning to use unofficial Rise of Flight Teamspeak. We meet there usually when we fly in ROF. We can also use your TS if you like.

Same with Discord. Here is link to the Adler Legion discord - https://discord.gg/gTCayaJ

I have created room special for English-speaking members. I guess you can go crazy from the Russian flood in the common room :D 


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3 minutes ago, =GenMarkof007= said:

S! @BaronVonMyakin

I tried ROF Multiplayer last night and all seem's to be working... but I was not able to join the J99 server... it was saying that I was using MODs or something like that and then was moving back to another ROF window? I will try again tonight,... does the server use any mods for this event? On my side, no MODs were being use or was on MOD ON?


Hi there!

No, we won't use any mods, just pure virgin ROF.

Try also the New Wings server. Our guys flew there and didn't have issues with access to that.

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@Butzzell @Heinrich @Dudley 

Thanks guys for the paticipating in our small cozy event! 

Here is small gift for you for your coming :)



Guys flew for Entente have received their own awards.



Maybe this also helps to attract another pilots of your squad to join the next round. I remind it will be on Friday this week, same time at 19:00 GMT. There will be same massive Gotha flight to an English town to bomb strategic targets there. An Entente defence is included :) This time, there will be another town, more targets to bomb and another weather conditions.

Hope see so many of you as possible! Everybody welcome for any side!

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As nobody signed himself for the next event I'd suppose that nobody from you will fly Gotha event this Friday (sure I hope that you will join us).

Anyway, I leave a small story background for the upcoming event.


To German pilots:

Fascinated by the success of the last German Gothas raid on the English port of Dover, the German command decides to consolidate the success of the next transport point - the port of Ramsgate. A large British manufacturing facility is situated not far from the town. Manufactured technic, ammunition and ammo are delivered directly from the factory to transport vessels in the port of Ramsgate. There are no storage facilities at the port! The targets are ships in the port and a railway station on the north side of the city.

Moreover, the command orders to attack the factory itself and not only the port and the railway station.

As there was little time for preparation, our forces were unable to perform good reconnaissance on site and had to limit themselves to aerial photography. Unfortunately, our reconnaissance aircraft was detected by English fighters on the flight to Ramsey and we were unable to take enough detailed photos of the port, and any photos of the factory complex at whole. However, the received photos show the shape of the port piers and the location of vessels in the port, as well as a railway station in the background.

The British industrial complex is located exactly between the towns of Ramsgate and Margate, north of Ramsgate. The factory covers a fairly large area and should be well visible on the way to the coast of England. The Command believes in the professionalism of the Gotha crews and is confident in the success of an attack on the factory even without the necessary intelligence.

After the raid on Dover, the British increased patrolling and protection of coastal towns from both air and sea. Stand by for enhanced air defence and fighter countermeasures.






To Entente pilots:

After the German heavy bombers attacked the port of Dover, our command suggested possible subsequent attacks on other coastal cities, especially those from which convoys to France and Belgium were being sent.

Unfortunately, the fears were justified. A few days ago, a German photo recon plane was spotted near the town of Ramsgate. Our fighters tried to intercept the enemy aircraft, but it escaped. There is every reason to believe that next target for German bombers will be the port of Ramsgate, especially given its importance due to the close proximity of one of our largest munitions and military equipment factories.

For this reason, several cruisers from Dover and Felixstowe have been dispatched to defend the port of Ramsey, and air defence has been strengthened, both in the city and at its approaches. Furthermore, in order to enhance air defence, several Hanriot HD.2 fighters, including a Felixstowe F.2A flying boat, were sent to Margate port north of Ramsgate. In this way they will complement the region's air force, consisting of Nieuport fighters and several two-seaters Bristol F2B F.II, which are currently based on the airfield near Minster.

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