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  1. That's great! Just curious why you decided for Dispatch as opposed to ATC. ATC has a higher salary range but is much more stressful.
  2. Yeah, I've used it for a while and it works great and is really easy to set up. I think Heinrich uses it also.
  3. Gen, get this utility. It ahs a built in repair: https://forums.eagle.ru/profile/27849-skatezilla/
  4. I'm pretty sure that some of the modules are Steam incompatible. That's why I don't have anything DCS on Steam.
  5. Hi Pragr, I tried the low level attacks as shown but my results weren't as satisfying as yours... . The issues I found is that the altitude and airspeed are pretty critical. My sight picture for the drop was also a bit different from yours. Maybe due to pilot head position? The other issue for me was that the wing bombs come off first (I believe... I'm not sure since I had unlimited ammo set) and they dispersed to the sides. Here is the point of drop on low level. Note the sight picture. Also note the wing bombs dropping first. This was "drop all" with the minimum interval o
  6. I consider this kind of stuff "mechanic porn" though I'm pretty sure that any aviation enthusiasts get a bit woody...
  7. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/70762-24-hour-flash-sale-on-tc-fc1-and-bobp/page/4/
  8. Back in 2015 HR_zal put together a couple of collections of maps in pdf format. I don't think anyone has done similar for the later maps... pity. Stalingrad https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3emIgfIMJ_mY2E5WkZrNmhjemc/view Velikie Luki https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3emIgfIMJ_maG15YzI1T0FkckU/view I think that we could make screenshots from the air or from the mission builder but the simplest thing is just to zoom all the way in on the in game map while you're warming up on the ramp and you can see the airfield lay out. Just use the compass to orient yourself
  9. I posted this on the TIF thread on the 1C forum: Just to clarify... this is open to Blue Team as well... in fact, it's non password so all are welcome. JG1/Red Team will most likely be on the JG1 Teamspeak but we will also be monitoring the TIF Discord which would be a good place for Blue Team to go. Registration never closes. Register here or on discord. The official TIF Discord server can be found here: https://discord.gg/QZyWYEp
  10. This came out when I was competing with my best friend for a girl... I lost Another one from "The Song TGL" CeeLo has a great voice
  11. Have you guys submitted tickets with 1C support? I have gotten responses from them pretty quickly when I have. The forum... not so much. I would give it a shot and give them a chance to help resolve your issues.
  12. @Heinrich, flying on Finnish tonight I was also getting about 60 fps (I had mistaken the field of view for fps, thus the claim of 90). I also had difficulty IDing enemy from friendly up close. I could see dots from quite a long ways away but close up is problematic. Currently, I wouldn't use it for tournament. Will continue to tweak, but it's not something that I enjoy much.
  13. Some of you know that I recently got a Reverb G-2. I'm really pleased with it. I rocks in BOx... I'm getting about 90 FPS with settings almost maxed out. I also installed the VRNeckSafer which is ridiculously easy and eliminates the issues that I had with checking six in VR. I think Heinrich uses it also. Here's the link and I highly recommend it: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/67985-simple-tool-to-check-your-six/ So, my issue is with DCS. I'm only getting about 35 to 40 FPS and it's not as smooth as BOx with those frame rates. Before I go down the rabbit hole in trying to impr
  14. For the life of me, I just don't understand why we don't make the clocks register 12:00 Noon when the sun is at it's apex on the summer solstice and leave it at that. It's what our biological clocks are wired to through millions of years of evolution.
  15. Yeah... Spad but no DVII? With the folding wing Alb?
  16. As Tobin mentioned (and I had no idea about) the wires that Saitek uses may be steel and therefore a major pain to solder. As a last resort (and you may have nothing to lose) you might try an acid base paste flux: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/WLD51011?cid=paidsearch_shopping_dcoe_google&campaign=GSC-Paint-Body-Equipment&campaign_id=10947560788&adgroup_id=110533803034&adtype=pla&gclid=CjwKCAiAkJKCBhAyEiwAKQBCkkTBq-bmKgkRj_bFn6QJiMlK4MzHhQPZea9Ts62af4bZWHhWQUGCgBoCIFIQAvD_BwE& Just be sure to clean the joint thoroughly with alcohol and a baking soda solution
  17. Not having seen the actual wires (and I'm not about to open my Saitek pedals... why tempt fate ) I don't know what the actual gauge is. Rule of thumb is that when splicing, it's ok to go one or two gauges larger (Never Smaller!) in a pinch. I would highly recommend soldering if you are going for a splice. We often use "environmental splices" on acft but they need a special crimper (and needs to be calibrated annually). https://peerlesselectronics.com/650076-000-splice?utm_campaign=utm_campaign&utm_content=utm_content&utm_medium=utm_medium&utm_source=utm_source&utm_term=ut
  18. Typical of all Saitek gear. I've been lucky so far but they use non flexible wires and route them poorly. Splicing would probably work but the best option would be to replace the wire completely from point to point but in order to get it back up quickly a splice would be fine. The very slight add in resistance would have no affect since the milliamp (microamp) is way low. I'm not sure what the strand count is for flex wires. 22 to 30 ga is more than adequate. Something like this? https://www.amazon.com/StrivedayTM-Flexible-Silicone-electronic-electrics/dp/B01KQ2JNLI/ref=sr_1_7?dchild
  19. Sad news: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/70020-a-great-one-passes-on-to-higher-heights/
  20. Yay! I was about to suggest checking your router ports but didn't think about the router firewall.
  21. Yeah, my adrenaline would be pumping too
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