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  1. This is interesting... he uses a piece of plywood to stabilize his pointing hand...
  2. I placed a preorder but it will probably take a while
  3. Do you have any plans on trying it? It looks interesting and I'm considering making a pre-order.
  4. Anybody using this or know more about it? https://pointctrl.com/
  5. Total suckage! Would it happen to be BH Photo? I get a lot of stuff from them and they are good service.
  6. Some pretty significant discounts Gung Hay Fat Choy https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/69504-lunar-new-year-sale-is-on-30-85-off-select-items-feb-11th-15th-2021/?tab=comments#comment-1058868
  7. Condolences to your pain, but i'd say it was a Pimax 8k (the adjusters wouldn't have a clue about VR headsets) and the highest level Obutto set (again, they wouldn't have a clue). If you have moral objections, remember that insurance companies are basically legalized gambling. They gamble that premiums will exceed payouts. They have screwed many claimants from the Camp fire in Paradise CA (my aunt and uncle included). All the above is said with tongue firmly in cheek.
  8. Hi Jaus, As per your PM here are my settings. I thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to look at it and say "What the hell are you thinking? That's ALL wrong!" My Specs: Win 10 Home 64-bit Build 19041, I7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz, ASUS Maximus IX Hero MB, 32 G RAM, Geforce GTX 1080 Ti, Monitor Asus Predator x34
  9. I have it and have flown it a fair amount but not recently since there was not much activity in JG1. I'm game to fly it though.
  10. Yeah, this has been hashed out a lot as far as gaming goes. Actually, Cactus didn't do too bad after the first encounters. The Japanese, on the other hand, lost many more pilots due to the long distance thay had to fly. Quite a few had to ditch due to fuel running out and damage and the Japanese weren't nearly as good as the Americans about picking up downed airmen... Bushido... After a short while the Japanese pilots were extremely worn out from 8 hour or more sorties with no rest at all. The Zero did have extreme range but pilots can only take so much. I know that I lose focus af
  11. Well... it's all speculation innit? Highly doubtful that it will come to fruition this year (but there's always a possibility of surprise). I would be highly disappointed if it pushed back FC2 though. There's discussion by Jason starting about 28:00 in this vid:
  12. Seems to me that New Guinea would be best. Large land mass, high terrain, plenty of coastline for shipping and the P38, P39 and the A20 were in use and are already in the game. Usable historical airfields are pretty sparse though, especially for the Japanese. Maybe the Philippines? Some Japanese tanks? ( Who in their right mind would take one of those?)
  13. Vonrd

    Weds 1/27/21

    We will need air assets as well I believe.
  14. We need all hands available for TNS this week. We need to just check a couple things which needs pilot numbers. Please attend to let us figure it out. We are really close otherwise.
  15. I would attend but that time conflicts with FIF on Saturday.
  16. I'm probably about 50%... sorry that I can't fully commit.
  17. Thanks for turning me on to this guy Raz! Who needs more than 3 strings...
  18. Yeah. Thas wh 'm talkn bout... Tasty bottleneck!
  19. Yes, thanks Sandman! What a fine tribute to Icy. That dance of death of the P40s is hilarious!
  20. I've posted in the IL2 forum asking the developer of Chatbox to provide the option to change keybindings in the ini file. As it stands, I don't think it's possible.
  21. I've just tried this out and it works as advertised. Chief advantage is that your view doesn't freeze while your typing in chat. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/68096-il-2-chatbox-improved-chat-functionality/?tab=comments#comment-1040394
  22. Yeah, she's damn good (and the long hair in negative Gs looks cool)
  23. Girls can't fly?! (Maybe they don't have the interest though. I've often wondered if the "sugar and spice and everything nice" is genetically inherent or induced by social training. I really wish that there were more females involved in our hobby).
  24. Friedhof, are you aware that you will be flying both Entente and Central? Note: Blue Team and the Red Team are not affiliated with either in-game side. Rather, the Blue Team and the Red Team will often switch between Central and Entente, allowing everyone to fly all aircraft.
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