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  1. Hmm... yeah, I was modifying missions in the ME to add targets and the second "Fly Mission" would crash. I'll check it with plain vanilla instant missions.
  2. Is anyone else here experiencing this like I am? If so, have you fixed it and how did you fix? I've tried a few of the recommended items but it's still happening. Here's the thread: Open Beta crash at second mission load https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/267836-2704625-open-beta-crash-at-second-mission-load/
  3. Welcome Gen! It's 19:00 Zulu.
  4. "Glutton for punishment" is not descriptive enough Looks great so far... impressive.
  5. Another one from Playing for Change: Jock-a mo fee na-né
  6. 'K... pre-ordered. I also got the KA-50 after seeing Trev fly it. Sooo much easier to control than the Huey but I got's to keep flying the Huey to keep up my skills.
  7. And I get anxiety going into the crawlspace under my house... EEW... THERE'S A SPIDER ON ME!... GET IT OFF!... GET IT OFF! The angle of the photo don't happen to show the enormous size of his balls.
  8. Even though it's greyed out in the controls menu ("Sysreq" is default... same as "PrintScreen" for Windoze) and it won't allow you to set anything else "PrintScreen" still takes screenshots and they're located in "Saved Games/Screenshots"... for me at least... just confirmed.
  9. I've installed them and will be checking them out. This is what Tacview says: https://www.tacview.net/documentation/3dobjects/en/ I might try messing around with some in Blender
  10. I wonder how he made them. It would be cool to make some"fun" models... how about a flying Tige?
  11. I didn't know that this was even possible: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/71401-additional-models-for-tacview-for-ww1-aircraft/ I haven't downloaded or installed yet.
  12. Radial... yes. Rotary... no. Wikipedia: In the years leading up to World War II, as the need for armored vehicles was realized, designers were faced with the problem of how to power the vehicles, and turned to using aircraft engines, among them radial types. The radial aircraft engines provided greater power-to-weight ratios and were more reliable than conventional inline vehicle engines available at the time. This reliance had a downside though: if the engines were mounted vertically, as in the M3 Lee and M4 Sherman, their comparatively large diameter gave the tank a higher silhouet
  13. Rotaries aren't just for planes...
  14. From what I know about them (which is just a bit of mechanic research... and who knows if what I read in other areas was true) it seems pretty spot on and plausible. I never really believed the whole schmear about the high degree affects of gyroscopic force. Due to how close the cylinders are to the center of rotation it shouldn't be really that much. Though watching some ground runs on a Camel while blipping the engine did make the whole plane move... but that's sudden acceleration / deceleration. Still, the large 4 blade prop on some SE5s should make probably the same gyro force as the small
  15. Yes and Yes. Basically button boxes and plug / play. I just slide a piece of paper into the middle and write what the buttons do..."bomb bay" , "Boost", etc. I did make a photoshop with text boxes to print up for individual games but I've been too lazy recently to fill it in and print. Maybe in the future.
  16. Wow... I thought it was just the lua files for the V1 buzz bomb on the channel map. Looks like it's for all weapons systems?
  17. BTW, I just jumped into JG1 Discord and noted the following: Richtofen last post 6/9/20 Oesau last post 11/24/20 Schmenkel last post 4/6/20 General pilot lounge las post 4/18/21. This seems to be the catch-all section but is a mish mash of topics. It seems that our dedicated squadron sections are not really being put to use. Maybe Discord should be where a dedicated PUG is?
  18. This seems like a good idea to me.
  19. My main reason for asking about a sub forum was to have it readily visible for when you want to post. I had forgotten where the PUG was located... was pretty sure it was in "Public" but I didn't see it since it was way down in the list due to other / newer posts being above it. A search for PUG didn't work because of too few letters. I found it by looking at Etzel's profile and content since I remembered that he had recently posted and is probably the one who makes use of the PUG most. In retrospect, I probably could have searched for "Pick" or the whole name. But, a subforum would negate that
  20. Could we make the PUG a subforum?
  21. I'm planning on joining up with J30 on Flugpark tonight to try and put the hurt on the 103rd PG.
  22. Check again... there's a hotfix out just now
  23. If you reduce them to 2K (2048x2048) they will be within the limit to post here. All of our skins are 2K. We decided to keep them at that as opposed to 4K since there is no difference at normal view distance. 4K is only good for nice screenshots.
  24. Check the YT reviews... they look great and are basically plug and play.
  25. I've had the MFDs for several years and I've been considering getting the CubeSim monitors to make it truely realistic. http://www.cubesim.com.cn/pr.jsp?_pp=0_647_3
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