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  1. I happened to see that. Never got acquainted with him, nevertheless I'm sorry to hear that for his loved ones.
  2. Merry Christmas Gents! Salute from the Lone Star
  3. Beautiful dog! Happy for you Lipfert.
  4. Ah ok, sounds good, thank you for the reply!
  5. Well Bavaria is where my family comes from so it sounds about right
  6. Evening Gents! As my first month with the squadron passes for me, I am starting to think about my personal colors and emblem in game. I was wondering if any of the experienced skin "makers" could help me? I'm not looking for anything too difficult (I think), simply my emblem on the tail, the fuselage, or one of the wings. For the colors, I was thinking maybe red and blue. I have attached the roster emblem below, S! BernTeas
  7. Hello, Thanks for the little tip, and I have been to Nieder Bayern, the Bavarian Forest specifically. That would make sense, I went to tour a glass blowing company in that part of Bavaria.
  8. Ja ich habe davon gehort. Schlimme zeiten jetzt gerade. Ich kenne viele die financiel da durch betfroffen sind. alle resorts sind zu. meine Grossmutter geht es gerade noch ok, sitzt einfach zuhause. In America ist der Finance Markt fertig, mit die Dow Jones bis zu 2000 punkten runter habe ich gehort. Mir wurde erzahlt nicht uberrascht zu sein wenn in meine Heimat leute wegziehen mussen weil ihre Aktien nichts mehr wert sind. Freue mich mit dir zu fliegen S
  9. Gruss Gott! meine Familie kommt aus Deutschland, primar aus Bayern, und meine Grossmutter kommt aus Prague, als es noch damals teil von der KUK war. Sie lebt jetzt in Tirol. Ich kenne die beziehung zwischen Deutschland (Hauptsahlich Bayern) und Osterreich sehr gut, und mach haufig witze dass Osterreich teil von Deutschland ist, nur um meine Grossmutter und andere Osterreicher zu argern. Meine mutter und ihrer seite kommt aus Westphalia/Saar. Ich bin in America geboren und gross geworden, aber gehe so oft wie moglich nach D/O. Mein schreiben ist nicht perfekt aber hoffentlich kann man es lesen, S, BernTeas
  10. Thank you for the link! Also good to see another college student here!
  11. What is your Timezone? Central Time Zone (Texas/Mississippi) Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? Logitech Joystick Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? TeamsSpeak not installed yet, have a microphone (if the apple cord microphone counts) Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? unfortunately not, I use the nob on my Logitech to move the view around, if it is at a reasonable price I would consider getting it What sims are you currently flying? ROF, IL 2 BOS, Red Baron 1, Red Baron 3D, WOFF (that one doesn't always work with my computer for some reason), War Thunder (doubt that counts but I figured I should put it in here) How did you hear about JG1? Just googling for some potential people to fly with Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? I'm a guy in college, so there are certain days where I would not be able to get on early due to late classes. Also, I do speak German, so if there are any German players here I would be happy to meet them
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