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1 hour ago, Lipfert said:


Thanks folks, when people younger than me start dropping dead it's a shocker. Not to mention, we just buried his father in January. Told my wife on the way home I'm not planning for retirement anymore, my MB C350 is going back next month and I'm getting this now instead of waiting.

Next Car

And she said?? 🤔

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8 hours ago, Klaiber said:

It's looking great Lip!  It looks like you're in the home stretch.


Feel's like it, thinking of some quarter round to finish off the trim and possibly some crown moulding would dress it up. Heading out for vacation next week, so we'll see what I can get done before then.


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I'm back, sadly...

A few trip pictures, we did the redeye in an A321-200 which was a mistake seats were brutal.

Breakfast in Squamish, Crumpit Woods (million dollar view CAD).


Hiking near Squamish, Mamquam River:


Mamquam River, with Mary-Dale & Shayla:


Soames Hill in Gibsons, Sushine Coast:


Us again:


Brohm Lake Hike:


Heading back down, this was a 4.89km distance with 255m elevation change:



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Very nice to see how others have their game environment set up. Maybe a threadable item? 

Come to realise how much of your posts (and therefor lives) I’ve missed. 🙁

Still very pleased with the mobile version which makes all a lot easier. But also this forum works more pleasant than a lot of others I visit. 

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