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FiF 2021 Winter campaign


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S! All

The war continues!

For this FiF we will stay with RoF.

This FiF will be on the Tarnopol map and have a full 16 objectives. It will use the very early plane set. Yes, the S-16, S-22and Russian N-17 will be included.  The order of secondary objectives has changed from the last FiF.  

Because the map is covered in trees and mountains, there is a special consideration for the Entente. For the General Capture mission, you do not need to land to capture the General. You just fly over him and you will get the capture message. A few seconds later you will get  the area to search message that leads to the secondary objective "Tanks at a Factory".

There are only 2 bases for each team. If you have a lot of players at a base, please have the first ten players pull forward a couple plane lengths so others can spawn in. Otherwise you might loose planes as people try to spawn in but the spawn in slots are full.

New feature: In the past there has been only one Front Line Recon area. You will now see two areas on the map. They are both active. You can do either one to complete the mission. You do not need to do both. This will help create a little more fog of war. The enemy will not know which one you are doing. If you get interrupted on one you can go do the other one instead. Or you can do both at the same time and the one that gets back first completes the mission.

The practice mission is running on the JG1 Server. Mission start time is 11:00 am and runs for two hours. If you get on and there is not enough time to do a mission, you can kill the balloon at the two seater base to restart the mission. Each team has an Air start base  in enemy territory. This is to save time while practicing. It is highly recommended that if you are going to do the special 2 seater missions that you practice them a few times. 

There will be a dry run 23 January at the usual time-  2:pm Eastern North American. Remember the server comes up 15 minutes early so people can get in and make sure they have the proper load out.

Hostilities begin on 30, January.

At this point, the teams remain the same. People that have registered are still registered. We will be looking at the number pf players and new sign-ups to make sure the teams stay balanced.

We are still in the process of finalizing a few things and will post more details as they become available.

For info please visit the JG1 forums. There you will find a registration section and a tournament info section. The info section will have maps, plane sets and objectives. Please review the objectives as there are more than last time and the order of secondary objectives have changed.


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4 hours ago, =GenMarkof007= said:

S! Lee,

I don't think so...
If I'm not flying in Flanders, I think that I will take my Saturday's like they should be (off and doing other stuff!).
Hope everyone are able to handle those trees showing and removing them self each time you turn and look a new place!


They're joking, Gen.  We all understand if you don't want to fly due to graphical glitches.

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3 hours ago, cpt.chaos_canada said:

Hello everyone,  oder auch "Tach zusammen"

I hope I did the right thing to register here?

Are they all in hibernation or is there another way/place to register for the 2021 winter event in RoF?




You registered in the right spot. :)

There are a number of squadrons that will probably participate, but I'm guessing they're going to mass register once they have an idea as to who will fly.

Also, since many had just registered for the last campaign (in the Fall), there may be some confusion regarding whether they need to check-in again.  They do.

Looking forward to flying with you!

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S! All 


Dry Run is this Saturday at 2:00 pm Eastern North American time. Server comes up 15 minutes earlier so people can load in. This will not be Dead is Dead. We want people to experience and explore as much as possible.


If you are going to do special 2 seater missions, please review the requirements for the mission. You must have a plane with the proper name. Arty spot has altitude restrictions - above 750 m and below 1250 meters. If you do photo recon, be sure you have the photo load out and you see the camera icon when you spawn in.

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S! All


Just a reminder.


We only have two active air basses on each side. People that spawn in first will need to move  a few plane lengths forward to let others spawn in. Other wise you could loose planes if people try to spawn and there is no room in the lineup.



The Gotha and S-22 are air start. Please do not spawn in until someone on coms lets you know the flare has fired.

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4 hours ago, BaronVonMyakin said:

May I leave it here? 🙂 A small story from the last mission when me and Gorillaz flew as one Roland crew. In Russian but.. anyway.


The incredible adventures of the brave pilot Baron and his precision gunner Gorillaz:


Great video!  Thanks for posting Baron!

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