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  1. Trev and I flew the Tomcat yesterday morning, as a crew. I have a lot of remapping to do because of the LANTIRN, but it was a lot of fun running the radar.
  2. Double checking that it’s in our discord and an hour prior to the race?
  3. Getting an error trying to download next week's track.
  4. https://ec25iledefrance.com/boutique/ 50% off all patches, this weekend with code “patchs50” I love the M2KC and what RAZBAM does with this unit, plus I’m a bit of a patch-h*, so, yes, I got a few.
  5. I'm looking forward to that, for sure. Might even get me to dust off some of those old Uboat sims, I have. Or buy a new one!
  6. Thanks for filling this out, Dutch. Welcome, back
  7. Congratulations to all! Our team, along with The Art of War (TAW) out scored the enemy (64th and RvE), 1600 to 120! We were the only team of the four participating to destroy all the ground targets. This was JG-1’s contribution under the effective air superiority provided by TAW.
  8. Is it necessary if we don’t plan to race either of those cars? Is it necessary if others race those cars?
  9. That's a bad link.
  10. Finished the skins for Klai, LadyBrit, and myself. I'm on the road again for another week, so I'll be just as rusty as ever with no practice. https://www.dropbox.com/s/idij1c5tlkxie7f/F1c75 Brit-Lady-Klai.zip?dl=0
  11. I would be okay with practice but definitely out of the way for Qualifying and Race.
  12. Wow, great find! I just picked up Blender, could find some good stuff in there, for sure.
  13. I’ll buy it, certainly. At a minimum, I’ll use it for what I use Prepar3D for, now. Instrument approach practice in planes similar to the ones I fly now.
  14. Britchot


    We definitely love the -21 here, as well!
  15. A friend of mine from Alaska frequently travels to Mongolian China. He posted a video of The Hu about 4-5 years ago on FB; I was impressed, then. Now they play on satellite radio, regularly.
  16. Came up in discussion on TS, due to the mention of eggs
  17. FInally watched in HD... Fine time to be a sim-fanatic.
  18. Did you set it back to eliminate that specific variable? I changed mine and haven’t had black screen issues (HP Reverb, SteamVR beta).
  19. https://forum.jg1.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1964 This should be my Pfalz skin.
  20. Continually flooding J5's server, even having it within the top 3-5 online servers is doing wonders for recognition. Our own pilots, that currently only fly WWII, are noticing and becoming interested in FC. If that's on our guys, I bet it's bringing in interest for random online players, as well. It is a fine point regarding the offline concentration of purchases. If we go by online players, alone, they've sold a couple hundred copies of their game...
  21. Really cool to see those cars in a real video!
  22. That, I'm not sure of. However, I disabled his shaders and saw no noticeable loss in FPS over the other tips he talked about.
  23. What sort of help are they looking for in IL-2? Actually, if they want to @ me in discord, I'll work with them.
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