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  1. Some websites automatically resize the posted photos...just saying
  2. I definitely need to resize those pictures I'll get to it later today, I have to go sit in a box and listen to radios.
  3. Posting as if it's new... Guess with new forums there is no such thing as a repost, not sure if it is or not. These things are awesome: You can see them all and purchase from: http://blackheartart.com/war_birds.htm ME-109G-2 JG-3 FW 190A-7 , Stab du II/ JG 1 Maj. Heinz "Pritzl" Bar April 1944 Total Victories 221 I like how the QF-4B Phantom BuNu 148365 VX-4 NAS Pt. Mugu 1972 Target drone "Great Pumpkin" has no pilot:
  4. In the account "View Profile" it shows my birthday as one day earlier then I selected when editing "My profile." I went back and double checked and the selection is correct. Minor bug but I found it
  5. Unfortunately the guy uses the same music track, but it doesn't take away from the videos:
  6. Perhaps he attempted a long post and timed out when he went to submit it? That's my guess. You have to check "remember me" otherwise it logs you out in approximately 20 minutes, deleting all the hard work on a post you may have tried to submit. "Remember me" only logs you in for 24 hours, though. Just a theory.
  7. How they know they're going to clear a hill or when they go into the creek and get back out is unfathomable. Just amazing.
  8. Now I've completed my German aircraft collection. Now to find the time to fly them :/
  9. The guys in the GS forums said it's not valid for US customers even though it shows a US Dollar price.
  10. Thanks for posting this here, Fritz! Time to stock up on the collection
  11. Just wondering if I'm missing a simple way to list out all unread posts? Some forums have that and it's easier then opening each sub-forum. Nothing big, just curious.
  12. Britchot

    Nice digs.

    I built my first PC about 3 years ago and I agree with your statement about the big companies. Going your own route you can focus on what's important to you and save money on the extraneous stuff at the same time as putting it back into beefing up the things you need/want. Overbuild... never, you'll feel obsolete in a few years regardless what you do, so you might as well go big and be happy longer
  13. I'm having issues entering a signature, it tells me I can't use BBCode and only allows 0 characters. I looked into the settings and couldn't find anything but at the bottom of signatures it says: * Your signature should not contain BBCodes. * Your signature should not contain HTML tags. * You can't edit your signature, but you can delete it completely.
  14. Looks great! I can't wait for things to start getting populated again.
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