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    FC Skins

    S! A couple of skins for Dudley 2k format. They are zip files. just extract into appropriate folder. Fokker Dr1 Pfalz D3
  2. S! Thanks !! That was it. I did not see the second engine axis. wooohooo!
  3. S! For dome reason ROF reads the throttle position reversed. I tried the invert function in responses. No luck. I tried BOS. It was reversed but... the invert function worked fine. Very nice in FC. Others seen this problem? Any suggestions?
  4. Butzzell

    FC Skins

    S! Agree totally. Have replaced above download with the 2 k version. This is a different paint job than the old RoF. Made some correction and took advantage of the layers. The IL2 Templates are a bit different than the RoF ones in that they have many more layers. Easy to transfer basic paints over to IL2 but they really need a look on the new templates just to be sure. Basically, if you like your paint, you can keep your paint.
  5. Butzzell

    FC Skins

    S! Did a 4 k skin for PD3 . Same name as 2 k skin.It will just overwrite when extracted to PD3 skin file. Download here
  6. S! I used the HUD. Chilli mentioned the 80 and 120 hp Le Rhone engines. At present he has a Lycoming and his plane does about 107 mph. Yes, the rotaries are a strange beast. I was at Dayton when Fred Murin was up and his engine went out. I think a piston rod failed. He landed safely.
  7. S! All As a youngster back in 1962 there was a series of 12 page pamphlets from Profile Publications. They were history, pics and specs on WW I planes. At only 2 shillings each, they took many odd jobs to purchase. In retrospect they were a bargain. Over the years I tracked down where the specs came from. The specs they posted are the generally accepted plane performance. I use them here along with Windsock, Fokker Airplanes of WW 1, Janes, Plane vs Plane. Fokker Triplane, Fokker V5 / Dr.1 and Fighter Aircraft of the 1914 - 1918 War The camel is spot on at 178 m/sec 111 mph
  8. S! All I had a blast. Some of the best fights I have seen. Great flying by everyone. I like the way the planes perform in FC. RoF is great but FC is better. The way planes are damaged in FC is different. Much more realistic. I will be doing some other maps as we add 2 seaters. The IL2 biplane has been added but it is a collector plane. While the maps worked well, just like real life, it is not where you are that is important, it is who you are with. It is the people in the community that make it a great experience. S! All Merry Christmas
  9. S! All Sale on all RoF stuff and $10 off on FC pre order. FC pre order is only 4 planes, not a full game or sim. ( Think Star Citizen but on a shorter time scale - months instead of decades.)
  10. S! Title says it all. Info here
  11. S! For our last session of this campaign Blue team is flying Entente and Red team is flying Central.
  12. S! All, Just a reminder that phase B is a bit different than our usual FiF. We will be running into the holiday season so this phase is only three sessions instead of four. For the 8, December session Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. After that, the team that is behind on points can choose to fly Entente or Central for the last session on 15, December.
  13. S! All Info at here Shows squad emblems for next update for Bodenplatte. Very nice.
  14. S! All A quick update to the prisoner rescue mission. In the past you had to land. Now you only have to fly over. The complex trigger is set to "On object entered". If you are over the aerodrome to pick up the pilot, it will not trigger. You need to wait at least as far away as the prison castle. When you see the flares, then approach the aerodrome. You should see the message in the bottom right "pilot picked up. RTB". Landing at a friendly aerodrome completes the mission.
  15. S! ALL Like most people I am always excited about new technology. While the excitement is great there is also attitude of pragmatism about adopting it. To paraphrase Luke Skywalker "You just can't get anything for a J7 now that that the J10s are out." Technology evolves. When do you jump in? Well in my case it is when the old technology is not just obsolete but dead and buried. Yes, I took my beloved flip phone, a present from my Uncle Mosses and traded for a smart phone. Just how smart is it? Definitely better than this old 2001 era HAL 9000 unit I have at the house. Personally
  16. J2_Bidu, on 05 Nov 2018 - 16:05, said: S! Excellent idea! Actually, I think that can be done. The initial problem with that was having someone kicked out of the game. J5 looks like they have solved that problem. They do a 20 minute time out. FiF would do a 2 hour time out. People would have to go to spectate and then come back in as a gunner. Many people have flown Bloody April and Black September. That gives us a broad base of people that are familiar with the procedure and will be able to help others that may not have done it. I would not want to change things until
  17. J5_Klugermann, on 05 Nov 2018 - 13:18, said: This was examined. Changing the missions to fly over instead of land means the notification comes up as the first flare fires from the ambulance. Unfortunately it is easy to miss. The display time for Prisoner, Spy and General capture messages will be changed to 12 seconds. The first time the mission was attempted the pilot crashed on landing. The complex trigger checks for stationary and alive. The alive part also refers to the condition of the plane. Ground looping and cracking a wing or other significant damage nullifies the mission.
  18. S! ALL We had some glitches in session 2. Many of the European players had Discos. No idea what was up there unless some internet node was overloaded or attacked. Blue team had a glitch with the Recon program. They had correct load out but no camera icon. They successfully took pics of the HQ and the Strategic recon and made it safe back to base. Blue team will have 2 points added to the displayed score at the end of the session. Good job by all. For session 3, All times are changed over so we go back to the usual times. We really need to get rid of Daylight Savings T
  19. S! North America has not changed times. FiF starts at 2 pm EDT which I think is 6 pm UTC.
  20. S! thanks. As my uncle who worked on the Titanic just before it sailed once said: "Should be fixed now."
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