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  1. S! Removed the sound file. Should be ok.
  2. It is not just the church bells. J5 uses a ton of external media for BA and BS. Up until now this has been a transparent feature of the game. If you go to your RoF externalmedia folder it is probably full of all kinds of sounds and images.
  3. s! ALL This is a file structure problem. When using sound files may be pulled from a folder labeled "externalmedia". This was built into the RoF file structure but is missing in Il2 Great Battles. When the game tries to download files it looks for the externalmedia folder. If you do not have one you get an error. You need to go into data/swf/externalmedia. If you do not have an externalmedia folder just create a folder inside the swf folder and name it externalmedia.
  4. Do we need to rearrange the teams? Do people or squads want to swap sides? If yes what team are you on and do you want to go to the other team. If no, please post what team you are on so that there is no way you get moved by accident. If you are not on a team and want to join please visit the FiF registration page and mention which team you would like to be on. Warning --- Teams are Red Team and Blue team. We swap back and forth between Entente and Central. Please do not say "I want to join the Entente Team" or "I only want to fly Central". We swap more for fairness of the map than the plane set. JG1 Will stay as a base for Red team and Jasta 5 / Schusta 27b will be the base for Blue team.
  5. ty will check. I thought it might be a missing media file but that looks correct. Please make sure your data folder and SWF folder are not write protected. There have been some problems with Win 10. A black square inside a check box means a partial execution of that parameter. Checked again. I removed all fif files from my dogfight folder so that it would need to download the files from the server and it worked OK. Not sure what is up.
  6. S! All FIF 2020 vision for the future. We are transitioning to Flying Circus with the expectation that Volume 2 will be announced shortly. At this point we are in the final steps of setting the planes in such a way as to create a variety that will last through the year. Obviously two seater variety will present some difficulties. The Rules, map and objectives areas on the FiF forums is being updated over this next week. We are examining the repair rearm feature and seeing how it can be utilized within the objective of limited planes. Flying Circus has many features besides an improved FM/DM and AI. Likewise some objects behave a bit differently. There are a few changes some are visual and some are game mechanics. During this period we will be looking for feedback on target difficulty and defense. The map is very different. In the past we have had multiple Icons for targets and you had to know which one was active. All icons on the map are active targets. The HQ and trains are the only objectives without Icons. When targets are killed there are few to no subtitles and the target icon is removed from the map. Secondary targets are usually announced once and then have an icon placed on the map. There is no A B map. It is all one map. There are certain targets That are common to A and others assigned to B. There are several targets that are A B or C. Actually they are 1 out of 3 random: Arty spot, General, Spy, HQ recon, Trench recon, Trench attack and Off road convoy. Reserve unit and all other secondaries are 1 out of 4. The hope is for enough random that we do not need to force an actual A or B map. Every Icon on the map is a live target. The only target not on the map is the Train. In the future with better maps, the ship will not have an Icon and be moving on a river. There are no hospitals on the map. Their icons appear only when the enemy ace is dead. Same thing with secondaries. Because the A ans b maps are combined you will recognize many objects as targets. Be sure you are destroying an active target. Compare your position on the map with what you think is a target. Most targets are spread out in a specific pattern so that you should not get confused but things do happen and people get lost. There is no FLAK fence. Machine guns run along the trenches and have large spaces between the groups. They almost reach as high as 5000 ft. So you have friendly machine guns along your own trenches. There are still some FLAK guns along the front, They act more as spotters. They are no where near as dangerous as the ROF FLAK guns. We now have 29 possible objectives. The bombing targets are easy to kill but because of the MGs protecting then, they are difficult to get away from without taking damage. With so many objectives it is hoped that bombers will have to make several trips to rearm. This should increase the opportunity for combat, The new objective Information, mission descriptions and other info will be updated over this next week on the FiF site. We are planning for "Dry run" on 25 of January with the first official session on the first of February. For now, the JG1 Server is running a special practice version. The mission starts at 11:45 and runs for 2 hours 15 minutes. To restart the mission you can kill a balloon at the two seater base. There is one special feature. To help people do the two seater missions there is an enemy base on the wrong side of the map. This provides air start locations so people do not spend 15 minutes just to get to the rear of the enemy area.
  7. Exactly. There are no aerodromes on the German side. Perhaps when we do the spring session we can use the south portion of the map and do a proper rescue mission.
  8. S! Etzel First, the enemy ace is triggered by any plane. An Icon will appear on the map after he is discovered. The wreath plane is needed to drop over the enemy hospital. Q1. The server can not enforce 5 minute refly but I think this is being looked at along with rearm refuel. Q2. All Icons are targets. Three factories is three missions or points. Kill all three. Kill all three aerodrome icons. Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! So many targets. So few bombs. Q3. Aerodrome is not an enemy base. It is merely a target. Something to bomb. All Three of them. Q4. Active airfields are not a target. If you bomb them it does nothing. Airfield buildings are not the airfield. The actual airfield is an invisible object placed on the map. Do not hang out close to an enemy airfield. They are protected with WW II flak and MGs Q5. It is highly recommended that you land at a base because of soggy ground. Technically you can land anywhere BUT if you break a prop or clip a wing, you have too much damage. Q6. At HQ target you just kill the four vehicles. Like in ROF. Just using a new model for the HQ. The feedback needed is: Does it look like an HQ? Is it too easy to find because it stands out at a distance. Q7. Correct. After the recon plane lands the enemy HQ Icon will appear on the map so that your team knows where it is. The secondary will have a subtitle that says where it is and then an Icon will appear on the map. Q8. The Spy/General: No point for the pick up. No point for finding the hidden objective. 1 point for killing the hidden target. This can be done by any plane. 1 points for getting the Spy/General back to base. When he lands it spawns the "Reserve Unit" target. 1 point for killing "Reserve Unit". 3 Points possible for completing this mission and secondaries. The Prison rescue was used in RoF to spawn the "Reserve Unit. Hopefully we will see this mission again when soggy ground is fixed. The hospital is a converted Abbey of the Brothers of Saint Bondiem Le pas Petite. Known for their cheeses, butter, bread, cakes, roast chicken, Apple pie, beer, wine , and brandy.
  9. Back in the RB3D days, with over 100 members, JG1 did have a dedicated bomber group.
  10. I was looking at my own alb and thinking about the black tail thing as discussed in another thread. I thought about doing it as a J11 plane and black is ok but maybe red is better. First plane is my present paint with brown Fuselage tail. Second plane is my paint on the new scheme Third plane is red tail plain scheme. Not sure it needs a red top wing. Third is my paint on the new scheme.
  11. S! Goat. That goat is very intimidating. I really like what you did on the wheels. Move the goat forward and make the Schwaben guys bigger with more color?
  12. Will leave black stripe off of future planes. That will make room for a larger skull
  13. S! I see your point. The black band does look more like Jasta 18 than Jasta 11. Looks like Jasta 18 is an adaptation of the basic J II . Jasta 18 was stationed in the Verdun region so they knew they would not confuse one another with a Jasta 11 plane. They were mistaken for Jasta 11 by Rickenbacker. I was going to leave the fuselage stock but the contrast with the white looked stronger. The fuselage is not all white. I did the rear fuselage as black to have it blend in with the tail. I really like the Vertical stab on the PD3. Originally I had more dirt over the fuselage to cut down the glow. The black band could probably go. It is just that it stands out so well at a distance. Better than the skull even. Underside of wings is green and purple splotches not lozenge. No white spinner. Stripes on the Horizontal Stab were used by many Jastas in many color combinations. The black band was used by one pilot in Jasta 18. Others used slanted stripes or variations, even a sideways chevron. This is also a Jasta 18 color set. The black band is now white. The White vertical fuselage bands can be seen on one of the planes Labroisse uses. Is there a Jasta 18 onlne? Are we going to get complaints?
  14. The map is really a Quake map for fast combat over a particular area. There is a lot from RoF that has not been transferred to FC.
  15. S! All I was working up some skins for Genmarkof. Pattern is the same on all planes. Underside of wings is green, brown, purple. It is a little dark in these pictures. Zip files are proper name structure. You can download here and unzip into actual skin folder. ! JG1 AlbatrosD5 Genmarkof.zip ! JG1 FokkerD7 GenMarkof.zip ! JG1 FokkerD7F GenMarkof.zip ! JG1 PfalzD3a GenMarkof.zip
  16. The area is a Blister covering a generator for the radio...... if you have a radio. Not all Halbs had the radio and so it is missing in many photos from the period. The game takes this into account. If you load the radio in the game you get: The blister is hiding in the cowling area where there would be a cut out for the engine. You can find it when you turn on the wire frame:
  17. Butzzell


    S! Oorpii, There is a parser for FC. It is the same parser used for all IL2 GB games. The JG1 stats page is here. For the next two months the JG1 server will be running FC. Occasionally it will run an IL2 mission for testing. At this point we have only two FC missions running. Hope to add more in a week or so.
  18. There looks like a bit of Kent on the Normandy map.
  19. That is a picture of the factory where there will be tanks. The thing is that the factory shape is different than the factory that you bomb.
  20. S! All Saturday December 7 we will be changing from Midway to Pearl Harbor. Ooops that is for next year after PTO comes out. This will be the last FiF for this year. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. It will be the even map. After FiF the server will be changed to a preview of FiF for FC. There will be no 15 minute wait before first takeoff, no death penalty and unlimited scout planes. South part of the map has the closest airfields to the front. There are a few changes some are visual and some are game mechanics. The subtitles have been reduced to the non icon targets. When targets are killed there are few to no subtitles and the target icon is removed from the map. Secondary targets are usually announced once and then have an icon placed on the map. For the General and the spy, they now spawn a flak gun that must be killed to pick up the spy or General. No landing necessary. When landing back at base these missions spawn the Reserve unit Target. Because of soggy ground, there is no rescue mission and all planes should land at active bases to complete missions or stay alive. Trains have a pair of MGs for defense. Trench line recon is merely flying the pattern from one end or the other. There are multiple check zones that must be triggered. HQ recon is a single check zone but needs two passes to complete. The target shows no signs of being active, You must pass over it to see if you get an active message. After pics get back to base, Secondary target is announced and target Icon for secondary and HQ are placed on map. No more trying to remember location of HQ. All recons must be done between 2000 and 4000 meters. Hospital icon only shows after the enemy ace is killed. No Flak fence. Machine guns run along the trenches and have large spaces between the groups. They almost reach as high as 5000 ft Trench attack target is now out in the trenches. It is in a curved group of bunkers so that it stands out. Target is now 1 flak gun and 3 MGs. The hard part is going to be adjusting the difficulty level of targets. How much defense and how many bombs will be the big questions. Trains and Truck convoys are much harder to kill due to motion and time delay on bombs. There are now 3 trains (no icon), 3 truck convoys (no Icon), 3 ships (stationary), 3 Aerodrome attack, 3 factories, 3 bridges, 3 supply depot. Pictures below are aerodrome attack, factory, supply depot, tanks at a factory ( sorry no tanks ), reserve unit and hospital. There are multiple copies of these locations on the map. Not all will be active. The Odd and Even map are built into the mission file. The game randomly chooses.
  21. Wow. So nice to hear good news. Big CONGRATZ !
  22. S! All We had a mission with no big disco dump. We still do not know what caused the discos. We will run the same mission on December 7. Even map. Blue team will be Entente and Red team will be Central. This will be the final mission for this campaign. Sorry we have had these problems. FiF is in transition to Flying Circus. For those that want to see a preview, after the Dec 7th session of FiF the server will be changed over to an FiF Flying Circus mission. It will take about 10 minutes to change it over. More about this next week.
  23. Mods are controlled in two ways, You need the mod placed in your mods folder and you use JSME to activate the mod. Then you turn on mods in the settings on the launcher.
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