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  1. S! All phase A session 4. We had some glitches. The off toad convoy is not working as expected. Both teams had problems finding it. Etzel suggested have them run in a circle instead of all over the sector. I like that as well as changing the location message to "Off road convoy in sector 6.B" Adding the A,B,C,D at the end narrows it down a bit and makes it more specific. Blue team killed the recon secondary but it did not register. The target was not linked to the victory counter. Corrected. We now start phase B. Blue team is Central and Red team is Entente. Plane set is advanced. Good luck ALL.
  2. S! Congratz Vonrd and Loopy. Well done. Sincerely, Your buddy, Flak magnet.
  3. S! Good reason to start drinking. I talked with Deciman and AnKor and the photo recon thing from RoF will not go in IL2/FC. Deciman has tried and failed. He sent me a copy of the project and links to the programs to work with it. I examined it and understand it. I also understand that it would take me a year of tutorials and practice projects to even get close to the basics of what they have done. So looks like we are back to complex triggers for recons.
  4. S! Yes, there was a problem counting down at 11 to 10. I also increased the delay between mission start and the input timer sequence. The inputs were being activated before the array was set. I added some extra deactivations to the timers. It then worked as expected. I went back and added the uoutput timers you had started to put in. Each one is connected to a subtitle. The subtitle displays the timer number. If you switch from your map to screen you can see the icon on the map and then the subtitle on the playing screen. Also, I think I changed the player plane you had. Sorry. Very easy to just delete the orange translator icons to get rid of them. It will not affect the output timers. counteer redo.zip
  5. On another note, The attached file is an up down counter. The triggers are complex triggers. These could be changed to a different type of input trigger if you want. The output is the orange translator icon in the center. This array displays the status of a parameter in real time in the game by activating or deactivating the icon. The icon name is the output parameter text. The icons could be changed to timers and the timers could be linked to the output that you want. You would have to replace the translator icons with individual timers. Like the timers on the outside of the array, they would have to be deactivated at the start. They would then all have to be hit by a timer after the array has activated the desired timer.Basically the up and down counter would be linked to a timer set to 2 seconds. This timer would connect or hit all output timers. Only the timer activated by the array would do anything. The array starts at zero or an initial status and can count up 20 events. After a positive or up event detected it can count down when a negative or down event is detected. 1. input event detected 2. deactivate initial output. 3. Initial output or what happens at zero. 4. Activate the output from a positive event. 5. Positive event output. 6. Count down timer activated by 4 is now ready to receive count down input. 7. Same as 2 but for next positive input. Was labeled by mistake. 8. Timer for next positive input activated by 4. Count down side works the same way. This array was made for Kliegmann to display a specific parameter in game for constant monitoring of a status such as factory output or supply column resupply. At this point I have not needed such an array so I have not modified it for other output. attached file is this array. counter up down.zip
  6. The recon logic for RoF is a flash script made by AnKor85. It does not work for IL2 or FC. The Logic he need is what Kliegmann is doing for IL2.
  7. I think what people are suggesting is that you can get rid of the objective point and just have it the spawn point?
  8. I kinda agree with that. If I am bombing a target and I take enough damage that I have to land, I should be able to use my rear gun to shoot horses or enemy planes. This is a combat situation and not spawn camping. Also, flying around a two seater base looking for enemy landing or taking off is not spawn camping. It is dangerous because of AAA.
  9. The Server company reports a total failure in either a switch or PDU. We get there when we get there. sorry. Update @ 11:45 pm Central time They have to swap out a switch. It involves detaching all cables, removing the old hardware and then reverse for new switch. update 5/22/2019 @ 8:30 am Central time It is back up and running ok.
  10. S! All I put the question mark in the title because I have not seen this before. Someone else may have seen this and posted and I missed it. We had an incident in Flanders in Flames. A pilot was close to an enemy airfield. He was engaged and his his plane became disabled. Not sure if it was loss of oil, fuel or bullet damage. The pilot was able to land at the enemy airfield. This was strange because the airfields are surrounded by AAAA, The AAA did not shoot at him. He was able to stay on the field and his rear gunner was able to shoot at enemy spawning in. The pilot was probably shocked that he was not being killed by AAA. Some of his teammates entered the area. They were promptly shot down by AAA. This is the first time we have seen this. The situation was examined and it was determined that the game does not see a disabled, shot down or crashed plane as a target. So you may ask, how many times is an enemy plane going to suffer a disabling event and still be able to land on an enemy airfield. In actual game play this is a very rare event, however.........it was pointed out that a pilot could get close to an enemy airfield and over rev his engine to disable his plane and then glide into the enemy airfield. I tested this and yes it works. The AAA spawns but does not shoot at a disabled plane. I am not sure if BoX/FC works the same way but it probably does. The result of all this is a new rule for Flanders in Flames: "Refly Rules (Spawn Camping and Objective Camping) Spawn camping and objective camping are not in the spirit of the Flanders In Flames tournament. Any pilot who safely lands his shot down or disabled aircraft must "Finish Flight" and despawn as soon as possible. Sitting on the ground after being shot down, so that you can act as a forward controller for friendly aircraft, or position your rear-gunner to shoot at enemy aircraft, is unacceptable."
  11. S! All Dry Run complete. Results: 1 target labeled incorrectly - maps are being updated 1 subtitle misspelled Trench attack points are close to the front. Be careful and do not fly over the mud. You can activate the flak fence. Planes seen flying low over the Mud. They were lucky. Flak fence was checked and is working. Just ask JG1_Vonrd_J10. he has the tombstone to prove it. Planes not returned to service. New airfields were used. Ground crews now returning planes to service. Hostilities begin for real on Saturday 11, May, 2019 at the usual time. 2 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time New York City.
  12. S! All Spring time! Sweet smells in the air. Tulips everywhere. Planes falling in flames. We have moved to the Verdun-St.Mihiel region. This is an East-West map that we have used before. Changes are Spring landscape instead of Autumn and a few of the airfields were moved to better sites.The two southern airfields on the Central side are not regular airfields. You have to be careful of the bumps. The plane set is 1917 progressing to 1918. A practice map is up on the JG1 server. Mission start time is 11:00 on the in game clock. If you get on the server and want to restart the mission there are balloons at the two seater bases. Kill the balloon and the mission will end and restart. Pilots who will be flying two seater missions should practice take off and landing at the two southern Central bases. There will be a dry run on Saturday, 4, May, 2019 at the usual time. Hostilities begin on Saturday 11, May,2019. Info on plane set, maps and weapon mods can be found in the FiF info section.
  13. S! ALL Big CONGRATZ. Well done and well deserved. Great job by everyone.
  14. S! Yes, All you need is the empty folder. The server will download the proper files into it.
  15. S! All I tried doing our usual multiplayer coop for career night in FC. I had not fully tested it and it was a huge flop. We did learn something important. Many mission designers add sounds and pictures. These go in a folder called "externalmedia". The stock BoX game does not have this folder. You may have problems or lock ups unless you have this folder. The pathway is data/ swf/ externalmedia
  16. S! All After a long hard fight Blue Team emerges with a decisive victory. We had many great engagements with the early plane set. There were epic battles over some of the targets. Over all it was great fun and very exciting. Big CONGRATZ to Blue Team. Well done.
  17. S! Luft Yes, time does fly and it is because of you and the others listed above that we have such a good organization and a lot of fun! Both congratz and thank you to ALL !
  18. S! All Only one more session. We have had some very good fights. Unfortunately in the heat of battle things can get out of hand. We have seen some unfortunate things said in chat. This is not good sportsmanship. Accusations in open chat are not acceptable. Participants engaging in this behavior will be sanction according to the rules and code of conduct. If you have something that needs attention please go through your team commander
  19. Voila Will probably be in next release. Expect in about 4 weeks.
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