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  1. The area is a Blister covering a generator for the radio...... if you have a radio. Not all Halbs had the radio and so it is missing in many photos from the period. The game takes this into account. If you load the radio in the game you get: The blister is hiding in the cowling area where there would be a cut out for the engine. You can find it when you turn on the wire frame:
  2. Butzzell


    S! Oorpii, There is a parser for FC. It is the same parser used for all IL2 GB games. The JG1 stats page is here. For the next two months the JG1 server will be running FC. Occasionally it will run an IL2 mission for testing. At this point we have only two FC missions running. Hope to add more in a week or so.
  3. There looks like a bit of Kent on the Normandy map.😀
  4. That is a picture of the factory where there will be tanks. The thing is that the factory shape is different than the factory that you bomb.
  5. S! All Saturday December 7 we will be changing from Midway to Pearl Harbor. Ooops that is for next year after PTO comes out. This will be the last FiF for this year. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. It will be the even map. After FiF the server will be changed to a preview of FiF for FC. There will be no 15 minute wait before first takeoff, no death penalty and unlimited scout planes. South part of the map has the closest airfields to the front. There are a few changes some are visual and some are game mechanics. The subtitles have been reduced to the non icon targets. When targets are killed there are few to no subtitles and the target icon is removed from the map. Secondary targets are usually announced once and then have an icon placed on the map. For the General and the spy, they now spawn a flak gun that must be killed to pick up the spy or General. No landing necessary. When landing back at base these missions spawn the Reserve unit Target. Because of soggy ground, there is no rescue mission and all planes should land at active bases to complete missions or stay alive. Trains have a pair of MGs for defense. Trench line recon is merely flying the pattern from one end or the other. There are multiple check zones that must be triggered. HQ recon is a single check zone but needs two passes to complete. The target shows no signs of being active, You must pass over it to see if you get an active message. After pics get back to base, Secondary target is announced and target Icon for secondary and HQ are placed on map. No more trying to remember location of HQ. All recons must be done between 2000 and 4000 meters. Hospital icon only shows after the enemy ace is killed. No Flak fence. Machine guns run along the trenches and have large spaces between the groups. They almost reach as high as 5000 ft Trench attack target is now out in the trenches. It is in a curved group of bunkers so that it stands out. Target is now 1 flak gun and 3 MGs. The hard part is going to be adjusting the difficulty level of targets. How much defense and how many bombs will be the big questions. Trains and Truck convoys are much harder to kill due to motion and time delay on bombs. There are now 3 trains (no icon), 3 truck convoys (no Icon), 3 ships (stationary), 3 Aerodrome attack, 3 factories, 3 bridges, 3 supply depot. Pictures below are aerodrome attack, factory, supply depot, tanks at a factory ( sorry no tanks ), reserve unit and hospital. There are multiple copies of these locations on the map. Not all will be active. The Odd and Even map are built into the mission file. The game randomly chooses.
  6. Wow. So nice to hear good news. Big CONGRATZ !
  7. S! All We had a mission with no big disco dump. We still do not know what caused the discos. We will run the same mission on December 7. Even map. Blue team will be Entente and Red team will be Central. This will be the final mission for this campaign.😥 Sorry we have had these problems. FiF is in transition to Flying Circus. For those that want to see a preview, after the Dec 7th session of FiF the server will be changed over to an FiF Flying Circus mission. It will take about 10 minutes to change it over. More about this next week.
  8. Mods are controlled in two ways, You need the mod placed in your mods folder and you use JSME to activate the mod. Then you turn on mods in the settings on the launcher.
  9. Still mods off for now till the new fields get fully tested. If we can not get rid of the soggy ground, most tournaments will probably go mods on.
  10. We are at a fork in the road. Stay the course with what we have or go to mods on for new maps. Flashy showed me how to place new aerodromes with solid ground. This allows for new fields in the north part of Arras map. It also allows for FiF missions like Spy, general capture and Prison Rescue. On all maps I have placed machine guns in trenches. This is not a solid line but groups with spaces in between. WW II ships replaced with WW I river barges. They do not shoot and are only good for bomber practice. Trains are WW I with an single AAA car at the end. Car does not shoot but looks good. Balloons do not flare so I have a vehicle on the ground that does. Actual WW I tanks have replaced WW II armored cars. All Flak is WW I.
  11. S! All The Admins have not been able to find why we have the disconnect from game server. The game server has not changed. The server files have not changed. We are running the same mission we did in phase A. Only the planes and some subtitles have been changed. We run the server for FC Thursday night flyin. We often have thirty or more people online and we do not see the disconnect error. Plan moving forward: November 23 at the usual time we will run Session 2. Red team is Entente, Blue team is Central. At least targets will be in new places. IF, big IF this session is OK, then we will try session 3 on December 7 at the usual time. IF this session is OK, then we will use the scores from these two sessions and that will be the end of the Fall Campaign. Should the November 23 have the disconnect problem we will end the fall campaign at that time. Sorry for the problems. JG1_Butzzell_J11
  12. Roads are OK if u stay on them.
  13. You have a less than 50 percent chance of landing without crashing, Even if you land you have a good chance of damaging the plane. If you do manage a safe landing you still have a large chance of damaging it or crashing trying to take off again. The soggy ground is more like a programmer saying "Look what we can do." Wonderful but is it needed ore useful? Nobody has yet mentioned any benefit to soggy ground.
  14. S! All, FC has several problems with the new objects. Many do not work as they did in RoF. One of the greatest hindrances is the soggy ground. It prevents map makers from placing additional airfields on the map. If you spawn in now, your wheels are all bogged down. It also means we loose missions that require a plane to land behind enemy lines such as the Spy, General Capture and Prisoner rescue missions from FiF. I posted a poll on the IL2 forums. Please vote.
  15. S! All Admins have looked over the rules and the rules say the score stands as is. The result is that the admins have thrown out the rules and rightly so. Session 1 has been scrubbed from the records. Session 1 will be re-flown on the next regular scheduled time. The massive disco due to unknown causes was too much to to accept. The event is designed around fair play. The missions on each side are not the same and many missions require special planes. The loss of these planes and the time limit of the session resulted in a completely unacceptable situation. Special note: Any targets destroyed or missions completed after the "Hostilities are over" subtitle are not counted towards the score. This keeps the time available to complete missions the same for both teams.
  16. S! All Not sure what happened with the massive game server connection lost event. The server did not go down and was not affected. There was a lot of confusion. People were caught off guard about what to do. FiF Administrators are looking things over and will have some decision in a few days. Definition of few: More than 1, less than 6.
  17. S! Practice server is up and will stay up all week.
  18. S! All Congratz to Blue team in a hard fought win for Phase A. We had some great fights. It was a real nail biter right down to the last few minutes. Next week starts Phase B. Blue team is Central, Red team is Entente and we get new planes.
  19. S! All If you saw the movie "Fury" , this is a must - "If Fury was a British Film"
  20. ? We used the Bodenplatte map Thursday and there were some micro stutters associated with the clouds which have been removed. For the most part, we had about 25 people on at the same time.
  21. S! Sounds good. Will try and set up rotation so that the Morning patrol starts around 9:15 pm EST.
  22. S! All Yes another subtitle error now fixed. Major problem. Invisible object was found at Prison 1 on the Entente side. We saw these on the England side of the Channel map. GameCock, sent me pictures of location. Normally I place a water tower there to show people where it is. This time I removed the Aerodrome structures and replaced it with a different model. It worked ! Invisible object gone. The invisible object is some sort of problem with the model and skin of one of the aerodrome hangar models/skins.
  23. S! All Brief update. A target subtitle was found to have the correct name but wrong location. Corrected. The "Bridge Killed" message was being displayed during the first target list update after the flare. This was thought to be a subtitle error. Nope. A counter error. Nope. A display array error. Nope. A bad truck.Nope. A bad bridge? Yup. The AAA truck was not going up on the bridge. It was going through the bridge and into the river where it died and gave a "Killed" message to the counter. The bridge had to be changed for a different model.
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