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  1. If someone makes static models that just sit on the field, yes. If they have t be AI planes, no. BoX hates AI planes. The new AI eats up a lot of CPU time.
  2. S! Yes, FC allows many things to be changed for the better. One example will be bridges. The bridge will be the target. No AAA on the bridge. There might be an MG nearby. Also if it is like BoX, there will be people walking around the airfields. Much more life. The map will be much easier to understand.
  3. S! All IL2 Update. Mostly bug fixes and minor features for multiplayer. Some Tank Crew fixes. No new planes Read it here.
  4. S! All We have gone through the first half of phase A. Now we switch sides. Blue team will fly Entente and Red team will fly Central. Please remember FE2b is allowed two guns up front. The Roland and W-12 are not allowed two guns in the rear. Only one gun for the back seat. We have seen some glitches where a secondary mission is not activating. I have checked, checked and re-checked. No explanation. Sorry.
  5. S! All They posted a quickie patch for IL2. Now it shows previous chat. Other small fixes.
  6. Butzzell

    FC Skins

    S! All Template for U2 is out I did some cheesy skins. They work and are the default skins on JG1 FC maps. That means you do not pick a skin or else they are under custom- not sure. Download link is in FC thread at IL2
  7. S! All Big sale on IL2 products. Anywhere from 25% to 60%. Update fixes several bugs. game should run much better.
  8. S! All Session one got off to a rocky start because I had corrupted the server file somehow. Fixed now. Blue team had a problem with the rescue mission. When completed, it did NOT give a secondary. Well the mission is perfect. Naturally. I flew the mission and NO secondary. I slapped the guy around and he would not talk. I looked the mission over. The trigger for the complete subtitle also activates the secondary mechanism. Not only is there a single trigger but there is a backup. I replaced the primary and backup and it works fine. ( famous last words ) Red team had a secondary subtitle with the correct name of the town but the wrong sector location. Corrected. Entente airbase at Firnsted is placed close to some trees. People were spawning in the trees. The base was moved forward. The shadows look strange but it works. Next- I found some invisible object at Sole Street airfield. It took quite a while to fully locate the entire anomaly. I was eventually able to mark the invisible structure and move the airbase. Do not fly near the water towers.
  9. S! All This Saturday, 26,January, 2019, there will be a Dry Run for Flanders in Flames Winter campaign. It may be Winter but the map is set to summer. Blue team starts as Central. Red team starts as Entente. Because this is a Dry Run, there is no death penalty other than the usual 5 minutes before you fly again. Special features for this campaign: Central will be using the W-12 float plane for spy pick up. The Spy may be on a submarine in the large northern bay. The Spy plane can land along the coast line or rivers on the Central side to complete the mission. He does not need to return to an active base. Instead of flak units along the Central coast, there are German Cruisers. The flak fence in NML has been changed to machine guns. 1 km is still the recommended altitude for crossing the front. As usual the General Capture and Spy plane can return to anywhere in friendly territory to complete their mission. The Prisoner Rescue plane must return to an active friendly airfield.
  10. S! All We are getting things ready for a Dry run on 26 January 2019 at the usual time. Information about planes, maps, rules, schedule etc. The JG1 server will be running a practice map on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This will allow people to get familiar with the map and planes. The in game start time is 13:45. If you get on the server and there is not enough time to do the mission you want, you can restart the mission by killing a balloon at the two seater base. Saturday after FiF, Sunday, Monday until 9 pm Eastern North American time and Wednesdays, the JG1 server will be running a Flying Circus program.
  11. S! Larner I love the historical look combined with personal numbers. The 4 k skins look great in screen shots but yes 2 k work very well. It is easy to make 2k skins. After you save the 2 k dds, resize to 2048 pixels and save this dds in a different folder. Suggestion for all skin post to work now and in the future. Start a post with your squad name Ex: JG1 Skin pack Folder 1 - 4 K combined skins of last update and new skins posted in folder 2 - For people that have not downloaded any of these skins. Folder 2 - 4 k New skins not in last combined skin pack - For people that have downloaded previous skin pack and just need to update. Could repeat for 2 K skins or if all you do is 2 k skins just 2 folders for 2 K. The poster needs to be the Skin coordinator so he can edit the post and put in links for the new folders when they are combined or updated. Another suggestion. The zip files should be a generic folder name such as combined.1 or update.1 Then Update the number when new skins are added So people know what they did last. When downloaded unzip to a new temporary folder. Then you grab the appropriate skins and place them in the proper IL2/FC skin folder. You don't want people just dragging and dropping a new SPAD 13 folder into their game because it would overwrite and remove existing planes from other sources. Other ideas?
  12. Butzzell

    FC Skins

    S! A couple of skins for Dudley 2k format. They are zip files. just extract into appropriate folder. Fokker Dr1 Pfalz D3
  13. S! Thanks !! That was it. I did not see the second engine axis. wooohooo!
  14. S! For dome reason ROF reads the throttle position reversed. I tried the invert function in responses. No luck. I tried BOS. It was reversed but... the invert function worked fine. Very nice in FC. Others seen this problem? Any suggestions?
  15. Butzzell

    FC Skins

    S! Agree totally. Have replaced above download with the 2 k version. This is a different paint job than the old RoF. Made some correction and took advantage of the layers. The IL2 Templates are a bit different than the RoF ones in that they have many more layers. Easy to transfer basic paints over to IL2 but they really need a look on the new templates just to be sure. Basically, if you like your paint, you can keep your paint.
  16. Butzzell

    FC Skins

    S! Did a 4 k skin for PD3 . Same name as 2 k skin.It will just overwrite when extracted to PD3 skin file. Download here
  17. S! I used the HUD. Chilli mentioned the 80 and 120 hp Le Rhone engines. At present he has a Lycoming and his plane does about 107 mph. Yes, the rotaries are a strange beast. I was at Dayton when Fred Murin was up and his engine went out. I think a piston rod failed. He landed safely.
  18. S! All As a youngster back in 1962 there was a series of 12 page pamphlets from Profile Publications. They were history, pics and specs on WW I planes. At only 2 shillings each, they took many odd jobs to purchase. In retrospect they were a bargain. Over the years I tracked down where the specs came from. The specs they posted are the generally accepted plane performance. I use them here along with Windsock, Fokker Airplanes of WW 1, Janes, Plane vs Plane. Fokker Triplane, Fokker V5 / Dr.1 and Fighter Aircraft of the 1914 - 1918 War The camel is spot on at 178 m/sec 111 mph The PD3a is just a hair off spec 160 m/sec 100 mph - should be 165 m/sec 103 mph but still well within acceptable. The Fokker Dr.1 162 m/sec 101 mph - should be 185 m/sec 115 mph. Most listings are for 163 m/sec but that is at 4000 meters. Some references leave off the altitude which causes the confusion about the Dr.1. Chilli is putting a rotary in his Dr.1. I would wait to see his results before suggesting any revision to the FM. SPAD XIII C.1 210 m/sec 131 mph - should be 219 m/sec 136 mph just a tad slow but close. Sorry, you get the old worn out Pfalz. Better planes go to the experienced pilots
  19. S! All I had a blast. Some of the best fights I have seen. Great flying by everyone. I like the way the planes perform in FC. RoF is great but FC is better. The way planes are damaged in FC is different. Much more realistic. I will be doing some other maps as we add 2 seaters. The IL2 biplane has been added but it is a collector plane. While the maps worked well, just like real life, it is not where you are that is important, it is who you are with. It is the people in the community that make it a great experience. S! All Merry Christmas
  20. Butzzell


    S! All Sale on all RoF stuff and $10 off on FC pre order. FC pre order is only 4 planes, not a full game or sim. ( Think Star Citizen but on a shorter time scale - months instead of decades.)
  21. S! Title says it all. Info here
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