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GB New Skins Submission Thread [DISCUSSIONS]


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In the GB New Skins Submission thread I’ve posted 2 skins for my Fw190A8. The skins are intended for a mid and late period fighter I have more angles available but not sure if this stands the critics (waist of energy and space). The Sturmbock armour plates are painted on the skin, after putting it in the game I found out that the sheet has also separate armour plates. For my next A/C, I’ll go first into the game to have a look what the impact is of the different modifications on the skin.

Questions for my skins 

  • Not sure about the brightness of the colours and dullness.
  • I did some extra weathering on the hinges and hatches. Wondering if I should do a weathering of the wing/tail edges as well?

More general questions

  • Do we want skins for the same aircraft in early, mid and late schemes?
  • I put the JG1 symbol on the tail, for me a good replacement of the haken cross, and makes me easily identified as a JG1 A/C. Can this become a standard?
  • Which angles are necessary: Left-Right-Front Right Low-Aft Left High?
  • Conditions of the pictures: Clouds, Clear sky, Altitude, Back-ground?

NB thinking about weathering I cant wait until we have Ki-84 and N1K2 A/C 😜

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Hi Heinrich,

I've already been PMing with you, but for everyone else, I'll post my answers here. :)

I'll let Vonrd handle the brightness and weathering topics.

But, for the general questions:

  • You can have multiple skins for the same aircraft.  They'll be marked A, B, C, D, etc.
  • Because the Oesau flying 1 is often put on the nose, I'd rather have the tail blank or using the BoX box seen on the stock skins.  I hope that doesn't ruin anything for you.
  • Angles for the picture?  Whatever you feel best shows the cool features of the skin. :)
  • Anything you want for a background.  The aircraft should be clearly shown, however, as it's the really thing on display.

Hope this helps!



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I started working on the Fw190A8 skin because it seemed to me the best A/C to start my BoX career. That led to creating both the checkered black/yellow nose, and the black/white striped nose. Also the dots in the A8 skin had to be created. That skin is now complete and I’ll show it soon.  Proceeding with the A5 and A3 is a logical step.

To my horror I saw that in the official Il2 skin of the Fw190A5 is a fully worked out skin for the I./JG1 Würgers both in stripes and checkers also dots for the sides in 2 versions are already there 😳. I’ve waisted a lot of time on the A8 😭. The A8 will be in the Reichsband version with B/W stripes, the A5 in B/Y checkered nose and the A3 in yellow (?) nose. Suggestions?

NB: To my knowledge the 2./JG1 had their red and black altered to the 1. and 3. Until now I haven’t found proof in photos.

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On 11/12/2019 at 6:39 AM, Heinrich said:

Okay, I've posted 4 skins for my Fw190 family in the submission thread. Only posted the left side view.

@Vonrd do you want to see the other angles as well? Anybody else?

The Dora skin is fictional of course with a b/w tail as clue to Heinrich's past with J6 and the 3./JG1 Fw190 skin.

Posting them in the Skinpack thread as GB Updates Nov 2019 No 2.

Heinrich, I renamed them... for example:   ! JG1 Fw190A3 Smr Yellow 4   The idea is so that if you get transfered or leave (I certainly hope that will never come to pass  😏) , whoever takes your place will have their skin still named as "Yellow 4" and it will simply overwrite. So, be sure to rename them in your GB Skins folder.

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@vonrd, okay thank you. About the naming, why not: ! JG1 Fw190A3 3Y4 Smr
Yes I know of the naming thread but it’s shorter and it will put all the skins per Staffel in the right order, or sorted per Gruppe like this ! JG1 Fw190A3 IY4 Smr 

Sorry Stab as in RL: “the Brass eats last” 

My personal emblem also has to be removed in case of a AWOL/MIA, therefore isn’t better that I’ll send you my .psd (actually GIMP format) files so that you can use them in case of and for anybody else who wants a Fw190 skin? The different numbers per Staffel, Gruppe and Stab are included.


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Yes, I know and @Vonrd is bad side of such a decision, and ruling about other peoples free time is not what I want. My idea was starting from now will eventually filter out the old names (of course under the assumption that my idea was a good one 😊)

After all this is the discussion area, say the parliament to hear the opinions of the people .

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I don't think it's a bad idea, @Heinrich, but filtering the old ones out would require everyone that has them on their computer, already, to delete them in order to not occupy additional drive space. For those with other skins, like WW and US103's, one can't simply delete the skins folder without downloading all the previous packs.  Though, it could be as simple as searching within the skins folder for a common phrase, like "! JG1*.*" and deleting the results, then applying the new convention.  

Aside: Does one still need to do the *.* or is that my DOS carryover?  I'm getting old :P

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Sorry about the late response. 

@Heinrich, I don't dispute that your file naming idea is a good one and I could re-name them if those that might have already downloaded them are willing... they would have to delete them and install the re-named ones. Perhaps going forward the European skins could have something like "Eu Yellow 4" ? Or we could go with your idea as well since the only European skins so far are Baron's... as I said about the original re-naming thread:

"The unfortunate thing is this will require the deletion of ALL of the prior JG1 skins (with the exception of Baron's skins. I didn't re-name his and it's up to him if he wants to re name them to this convention). 

As for the current skins... I really don't want to do any changes.

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9 hours ago, Vonrd said:

Flying Circus skins updated. Added Flying Goat's skins and Vonrd's updated Entente skins.

File: Flying Circus Update Nov 24 2019

So the Flying Goat has new skins for Angry Circus?   😂   Just messin' with ya, bud   😁

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