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Flieger Watches


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I actually also have been thinking about the the Stowa Classic Flieger 40 A model myself. From my research the Laco is thicker. That's the only info I can give.

I have also been thinking about the IWC Mk XVIII which is a nice looking Flieger if you want to spend the money. My only beef is I'm not sure if I like the bracelet. Since the nearest AD is in Chicago I would be taking a chance. It does look good on a leather strap. 


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2 hours ago, Britchot said:

My favorite watch is a Citizen Avion.  I do love the idea of a retro Uhr B style but couldn’t justify the cost, myself.  Plus, it’s an Eco Drive and I’m a big fan of not worrying about a battery (I have 3 others).

I also prefer automatic watches I have one quartz Tag that I would strongly consider selling or trading in just because of the hassle of changing the battery.

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I wear a Breitling Chronomat Longitude which is a wonderful watch. Mechanical with the "rotor" which is kinda fun when it goes off once a day.  My "old dog" is a Heuer Autavia, the only left-handed chronograph I have ever seen. It was $300 brand new when my girlfriend bought it for me Christmas 1981. They are over $4,000 now because they are so collectible. Mine has been around the world somewhere around 28 times. When I got the Breitling I quit wearing it.  (note the pic of the Autavia, the stem is on the LEFT side of the case) perfect for us lefties and it is well known that all natural pilots are left-handed  😇

Back in the old days when I would ferry new planes from ICT they would have no radios... no instruments. It was one step lower than partial panel and flying "no gyro" IMC was a real test of  your abilities. Today... HAH!  not a chance. 

 The new owner was going to put those in when he took possession and took the plane to be painted and finished.  The watches or time pieces as they are... these days are all global accurate... GPS updates them 25 times a second, you can't possibly be wrong. 

My "daily driver is a Seiko Chronomat with the A-2 movement. It is DEADLY accurate. I can start the sweep-second hand and check it 30 days later and it is exactly correct. I have NEVER seen a watch this accurate. The guy I was flying with when we went to Hong Kong at Christmas time had received a Rolex aviator from his wife for Christmas... just this side of $10,000 and his dad really liked it. Dick thought he would get a replica (fake) Rolex in Hong Kong for $250 and give it to his day. Well.. we went to the market and within 20 minutes had it. He wore one on each wrist coming back and the "fake" watch with the Seiko movement was absolutely perfectly accurate when we checked against our GPS. 

SO!!  Once again...  I have come across an auction this very evening...   (the coincidence!) for a Naval Aviator that flew the A-6 in SEA... and there are two watches of his that are up for grabs. If you are interested... this is the REAL DEAL guys....

First... can't say... maybe Jake, errr Gordon, errr.. Snaggle.. yeah that's it...   can you say??? looks almost as if it were issued....

Second is a Omega.... not my style... but this was the late 60's early 70's.  I didn't get my Breitling until the 80s.

You can also get the poor guys wings and uniforms. 

If you are interested... PM me and I will forward the link. 

**NOTE...  that is a HEUER Autavia... before they went down to TAG HEUER




USN watch.jpg

USN 2.jpg

USN 3.jpg

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Age caught me unaware. Suddenly I couldn't see the hands of my watch clearly, especially in bad lightning conditions. No I use a Garmin Forerunner 235 with a digital face. I use this one.

You know the saying: "You may have a watch, I have the time." Before this one I used digitale numbers but that also gave me problems and now by not seeing the time, exactly by the minute, life runs at a slower pace.

NB this thread fits also in the [What are you .......] category


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While we are on the topic of family heirlooms: I still have a clock which used to belong to my grandfather. The details are a bit muddled (he died when I was three years old so I couldn't ask him myself) but according to my mum he took it out of his own or his friends Bf 109 after he or his friend crash landed over france. According to "family legend" the clock still shows the time of the crash since nobody has fiddled with it since. Its a Junghaus J30Bz. It doesnt work and the brezel as well as a lever below the knob on the button has been broken off.


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