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TrackIR Tutorial


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I think that this is one of... if not THE most critical single thing you can do to improve your performance. I know that everyone here knows the "dicta" from "Top Gun" school ... it was posted on the wall above the stairwell  and I think it was #4 "Lose sight, lose the fight"   and there it is.  I encourage you to go watch the videos on YouTube just to see the ease, flexibility and RANGE that the top players have. If you do not have that same ability, then you are starting at a disadvantage. 

If you look behind you, or up over the top of the canopy and your view kicks around and resets because of the camera and your head alignment not being correct you are most definitely at a disadvantage. Furthermore.... just my opinion, but once I learned how to get my seat all the way up in DCS + IL-2 my kills went WAY up, because I was able to see the lead instead of having to GUESS and pull my nose over the top of the bandit.  My ol buddy Hook first brought this to my attention that he was having a #@$% of a time because he was forced to guess and pull and that was no way to be. I just accepted it as being "part of the game" but as usual for me... when I was screwing around one day I accidentally did something that allowed me to be WAY up high in the cockpit and shazaam....  I could see the bandit during the hard pull and oh baby... THAT was easy pickings.  I still struggle with it...  sometimes I have it right and I do something that loses calibration or "home" setting and other times it works great...  and when it does my shooting does the job. 

I truly feel, the more effort you put into being comfortable with the Track IR  the better you will do. I am weird because I don't use the clip on the hat, I use the LED on the headset  because I felt I got a more reliable signal/reception that way. 




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A perfect post Vonrd !    I was just getting ready  to ask people to post their  TrackIR profiles so I could try them.  I searched tir here and saw this vid   Mine has been screwed up for a long time and I have tried different ones and tried modifying some.   I think it has to do with the  large monitor I got,    and now I have it  much better.  Still prob some fine tuning to do but working good.

My  lines  for  yaw  are barely  seperated from center and go very high on the 3rd  button,   but that is what I needed to do to look at edge of monitor and get 180 left and right of screen.   So,  thank you for posting this video,  if you are having issues,  watch it  and just do a set up to see if it improves your use.  

I would like to add  that from  my experience setting it up yest,  I found it also very helpful to just about eliminate/slow down alot, the head roll.  I have the cam mounted high  on a 43" mon.  Yet even on the 32" I had previously  it always go all wonky.  I did the set up watching this video, and like he said in there the head roll is not needed much   reducing that  was helpful in part of the behavior,  doing 1 axis at a time on screen helped  alot.   I find now it is actually useable now in a reliable way.   I still use the pause button alot in game.  When I go to my gunsight w/ a tgt, I don't want movement.   I also find it very helpful in setting up different view positions.  If I pause,  move all the way back and then turn back on,   my view stays back,  .  When flying in formation ( trying to)   If the lead is left,  I pause TIR,  move head left,  un-pause.  Leaves me able to scan around but with my head to the left side of the cockpit.   Up, down,   etc.   On  say a CAP,   I'm on the deck, just over treetop.  I pause, raise head, go auto pilot and scan using mouse normally.  I now find I am able to do this now with TIR on,    but I think I am still used to the mouse.  I don't use the head fwd/back,   and I don't use the up/down movement.   I have a pause key set on my throttle buttons and a center.   If I want to move head up to see over nose,  I pause, use a hat to move head up, unpause and my view then stays there,  unless I recenter to gunsight.

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yeah the tutorial helped me... I wish i had watched it a lot sooner.  My old Track IR was messing up... wouldn't stay calibrated.. and seemed to go batwhack just when I was ready to shoot....  ohoooo that made me mad. SO... screw it.. I bought a new one. I got 15 years out of the first one... and THEN I saw the tutorial.  You know... the part about flashing lights... I moved my FUNHOUSE pinball table into the game room and it was directly across from the flight sim. Well.... turn off the pinball table and the old Track IR worked like new.   @#$@#....  and the new one arrived the next day.  SO... I have a spare for someday when it really does crap out. 

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