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  1. S! Herr Gen It seems we are at the same stage with Mig 21, so will be awesome make it together. . Before starting with weapons how about navigation first? I´ll watch some video about navigation and weapon during the week and start to practice Sunday night (I hope 🙏)
  2. S! guys! This week I ´ll stay away from cockpit. See you Monday night! Have a nice week guys!
  3. Alb DV and Pfalz are the two birds I loved to fly in RoF. DV mostly.
  4. S! guys! It is done. All Stafell 5 guys have your skins update for all German planes available in the game. Please let me know any comment or issue.
  5. Hey Vord! I keep the same Red 11 for all, fighters attackers and bombers.
  6. Thank you Herr Luftritter, appreciated.
  7. I´m struggling to find PDS template files for Bf109K4, Fw190A8, Fw190D9 and Me262A. Did you guys have them?
  8. Better waiting a while, I´ll put more skins during the week. 109F2 were update right now, I missed them yesterday.
  9. S! guys! Staffel 5´s painting was updated to reflect the current roster and match new file name rule. Is under construction painting for Bf109K4, Fw190A8, Fw190D9 and Me262A. Please, let me know any comments or issues.
  10. Hess

    Personal graphics

    S! guys! I already start the update painting for Staffel 5 to reflect the current roster new name rules. Hans, Jocasse and Nicolas, please let me know if you guys want to paint a personal emblem or something customized for yours birds. The other guys that already has emblems, if you also want to make any change, just let me know.
  11. S! Guys! On the road this entire week :(
  12. Thank you, I’m really enjoying to fly jets.
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