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  1. S! 1809 here, I had flying not too much currently but no issue so far.
  2. S! Tks Herr Shade, apreciated. I have it but flew it just one time.
  3. S! Just to keep moving was already a fight!
  4. S! Nice footage Herr Shade. For me is impossible take footage from Berloga server. Ping is too high and lags are captured by the recorder, even if you are recording from a track.
  5. S! Happy new year guys!
  6. I stopped by yesterday and found this in the hangar... big suprisse!
  7. S! Oh man, oh man... you guys are professionals. I went to Atlanta History Center for 2 amazing days, 4 years ago. You choose a good background. I read a lot about Civil War. It captured the atmosphere of that time... I loved it. Congratulations for all involved. I´m really impressed.
  8. Hess


    S! If you need a surfboard, just let me know
  9. S! A lot of improvement!
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