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  1. S! Guys! The end of that mission was a disasters for me, but the start was pretty nice. It was a training mission at CB server.
  2. S! Guys! I think they are sure Central guys love a challenge
  3. S! Guys! Well done Herr @HotleadColdfeet!!!
  4. Yeh, I have good memories as your wingman flying 110s.
  5. S! Guys! Attack to the strategic warehouse at Tarutino city, south west Moscow. The attack was carried on by 4. Stafell and 5. Stafell of II. Grupe (JG1 Oesau): Oblt. Heinrich (Bf 110 E2) Lt. Greif (Bf 109 F4) Obfw. Loopy (Grounded due mechanical issue). Stabsfw. Hess (Bf 110 E2). Target destroyed: 22 (Builds, vehicles and ammo depot). No losses. Wing of Liberty Server: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/mission/21014/
  6. S! guys! Almost missed this. It is too hot in the Christmas in my place, so the fireplace became a stable to complement the tree.
  7. S! guys! Hi Herr Vonrd, I haven't, but try these site bellow. https://www.lwag.org/ http://www.luftarchiv.de/
  8. S! I got Tante Ju and Machi this time.
  9. S! Guys! Oh man, welcome aboard Herr Austin! Congratulations, to you and to Frau Austin
  10. S! guys! I wonder why something so simple is not into the stock game.
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