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FC New Skins Submission Thread [DISCUSSIONS]

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Taxi with badge    

S! All The original project was a skin file that started at time zero,  All skins in use at that time were included. The goal was that new skins would be updates to that folder. Original big- fol

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I was looking at my own alb and thinking about the black tail thing as discussed in another thread. I thought about doing it  as a J11 plane and black is ok but maybe red is better.


First plane is my present paint with brown Fuselage tail. Second plane is my paint on the new scheme   Third plane is red tail plain scheme. Not sure it needs a red top wing. Third is my paint on the new schemeJ11e.thumb.jpg.68447e44033b1273def816db658d72e6.jpg










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While the DVIIF was in the hanger for repairs... and with Kessler still recovering from the minor injuries from the ground loop. He spent a lot of his time in the paint shop. this time with his standard DVII. Around 14:00 hours, against the commander's orders. Kessler had the freshly painted aircraft rolled out to the flight line. Gave his men a nice bottle of cognac and told them to keep command distracted while he put the DVII through it's tests. Kessler was determined to make sure he hadn't given up COMPLETELY with the tractor engines. 







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As Kessler started his pattern around the field to land. he noticed the officer's car parked next to his hanger. the commander was in the backseat with his arms crossed. Kessler could feel his glare from Cherubs 3. He knew he was in for an ear full once he was on the ground. So he made sure this time his landing would be text book. After taxiing to the hanger, the commander stepped out of the car and walked over to the aircraft. The Commander told him, "next time try bribing me first with the cognac!" they both smirked at the comment. Then he proceeded to say "no more flights till you have given a clean bill of health! Now lets see what your crew has accomplished with the DVIIF." the men worked around the clock to repair and repaint the aircraft. they rolled it out of the hanger so Kessler and the commander could do a walk around. The commander said, "feel free to sit in it...  I made sure the tank is empty." Kessler laughed and said, "Herr Commander, you know me to well."


P.S. Butzzell thanks for the bigger swabians




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9 hours ago, Vonrd said:

I'm planning to do a FIF skin-pack which will include all participants... individuals and squads... who submit threads. 

Wouldn't it be easier to let each group or individual participating supply and update their own threads in the new FiF Skins section? They could include a revision date to help users keep track of the currency of what they may already have.

Also it would be easier for users to download and manage smaller chunks of files than one huge one.

Consider what a PITA it already is just to keep up with JG1 alone.

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1 hour ago, Klaiber said:

The idea is to take submissions up to a cut off point.  And then compile the FIF pack only once per campaign.

Any skins submitted after that cut off point would be need to be downloaded on a case by case basis by whoever wants them.

That way, the work is minimized.


It's not that much of a PITA once skins are submitted and makes it more likely that all participants will have the skins installed if it's just one download rather than a bunch of individual files which may or may not have been put into a consolidated zip file with all skins in their proper place..

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On 1/17/2020 at 10:44 AM, Klaiber said:

The idea is to take submissions up to a cut off point.  And then compile the FIF pack only once per campaign.

Just wondering what "once per campaign" actually means.  Once per year?

Would it be OK to post an individual update (or updates) to files for those who care to have them?

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35 minutes ago, Heinrich said:

Already from Black September a lot of skins are in 4K. Don't see a limit for the size of the skins in FiF? We usually go for 2K, but the outside world?

Would anyone not use skins above 2K because of the space it takes on the drive?

Good point. I could re-size them to 2K. We would have to make a statement regarding that.

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