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BoS: testing the waters (AGAIN)


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I have to apologize about the audio as I failed to equalize the in game volume to my record volume and even though I'm speaking louder than usual to try to make up for it some of it is still very hard to hear.  hopefully the impromptu action will make up for it...


Hope you enjoy!

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Would have been AWESOME to have an animated ground crew standing on the wing to turn the inertial starter.  On the FW-190, the inertial starter was (is) located on top of the cowl right in front of the pilot.  Even if they dont put te controls into the pilot's hands, at least there would be a pretty cool animation to watch while you wait for the spool up

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Wargrounds has a server up that has the FW190A3 available online. We can plan the mission out on il2missionplanner.com, form up and see what happens. I have the IOS app installed and it's pretty nice for a reference, tablet would be perfect but until then I setup a laptop beside my desk for navigating and I have the aerodrome PDF downloaded.



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