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Memorable Moments in ROF: The Phantom Bomber!

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During the last minutes of Saturday's Flanders in Flames mission, a train needed to be destroyed. It seemed like any other mission...until a horde of enemy planes showed up to guard it! Who can save us? Perhaps this is a job for the Phantom Bomber! 


Enjoy!  :D




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I watched the final moments of the train.  I was up at 3k, traveling south along the front, and saw the hoard of aircraft buzzing around the train.  I actually thought it was J30, cause who else has mopped up the last of the targets in the last minutes.  I was thinking to myself at the time, "No wonder they're able to get things done, when they have 6 scouts escorting their bomber, who's gonna be dumb enough to attack them."  Now seeing your video, the seen I thought I was seeing was very different from the reality.

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