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RIP Gunny


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I just loved watching that guy; often the picture he was in didn't do him the justice he deserved.  Also I think every drill Sargent in the US, to some extent model themselves after him.  It takes real talent to summon that kind of disgust and contempt for the people he acted at training, and even as the subject for it, you had to appreciate the skill; I know I did when I went though basic.  The best compliment I ever got in my life came from a drill Sargent, when I performed a task and he told me, without a trace of a smile:


"Out-(G.D.)-standing!  Out-F'n-standing! Now get the F out of here, pra-vit!"  And I knew under the hat there was the beginning of a well-hidden grin, and I couldn't help but smile myself at the artistry of it all.    :lol:


Anyway reminds me of the gunny, through and through.



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Here's an odd tribute:


Gunny's endorsement (a 15-second ad on his show) introduced me to Tru-Spec clothing. I wear their 24-7 Classic pants every day for every occasion (have them tailored with a no-seam leg hem, iron a crease in them, and they can almost pass for dress pants, as long as no one notices the side-seam zippers and that they're rip-stop poly-cotton ;) ). They have ten pockets (!), although I only use eight of them (the upper side-seam zippered pockets are silly/useless). I love 'em, especially the knife pockets on both sides. I always have a knife in one and a small flashlight in the other, and I use both almost every day. Old guys use knives and flashlights a lot, since our fingernails and eyes tend to be a bit feeble :D . I used to live in blue jeans but haven't put a pair on in ten years because of R. Lee.


So, I think of Gunny Ermy some mornings when I'm pulling on my pants, and have done for years.


Warned you it was an odd tribute :P .


So long, Devil Dog!

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