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10 years of the Jasta 6


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Salute kameraden,


here are some pictures from 10th anniversary of the Jasta 6. I think that it was one beautiful action, we celebrated with friends from III./JG1 and 312thRAF. Have fun  :)



We are on the way - Tomas as driver  :)



first evening - first celebrate...



...and our fighter ace was very happy  :D



next day - the decoration of the object by the flag of Jasta 6 and the flag of his Majesty. From left to right: Stefan, Tomas and Pfeil



becouse war is war, we did treaning in fire. Unfortunately we havent any Albatroses, so we used old good classic as you can see  ;) From left to right: III./JG1_Dejavu, III./JG1_Willy, with bow is 312_Lazy, behind him is I./JG1_Tomas ako JG1Tomas_J6, and the situation is controlled by III./JG1_Gunman



time on cake - was specially prepared for this opportunity. BIG THANKS to Tomas's wife Katka for the fantastic cake. We took it in 10 minutes  :wub:



photo of members I./JG1 aka Jasta 6 and III./JG1 - in the upper row stands (from left to right): Pfeil, Willy, Dejavu, Black (exmember of Jasta 6, he is excellent man), in the bottom row are Gunman, Tomas, Baron, Stefan



Thanks for looking  :)


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