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Tank skins


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5 hours ago, GenMarkof007 said:

Your talking for is insignia, the Frankenstrat? If so, no problem! ;)

--- edited  ---

Here you go Klaiber... let me know if it's good. I use the Schmenkel blue for the 415 numbers.

v_!_JG1_PzV1-H1_winter_Trev_S415.zip 12.08 MB · 1 download

ps: I will add it, in the next 'Tank Crew' skins bundle.

Thanks so much!

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3 hours ago, GenMarkof007 said:

S! All,

Did some test to see if we could have a kind of flag on top, so our Air Coverage could see our German Flag?





note: also the yellow numbers, they don't really stand out... I might need to see what we can do with that yellow color.


These look great. 

Yellow is tough.  You'll probably have to outline it in black.

Also, the flag is okay, so long as you can't make out the swastika.  Absolutely no swastikas or Nazi / SS imagery.

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Thanks so much for taking the lead on the tank skins, one small request for my Pz.IV Ausf G. I'd like to go with just the white crosses, I think early on they went with white/black and then later on with just the white. I don't think they used both very often, I'm good with the white cross on the skirtzen and I like the number / cross combo on the turret skirtzen. Thanks again for this.


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Hi Gen,

The germans also used a Balkenkreutz identification panel:


It would have to be quite a bit larger than what you have though, in order to be visible to overflying aircraft in my experience. This is on a Pz II, I think and covers the whole aft deck:


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