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  1. Very nice! Thanks for making this and sharing the video
  2. Well war is nice and all, but no need to be uncivilised about it
  3. @Hess, thanks for recording our sortie and posting the video on YT, very enjoyable to watch it back! @Hess and @Heinrich, FYI, the boxes that I strafed in my last attack and that apparently was the last item of the depot were the boxes on the left of Hess's REVI sight ar 21:50, which I shot coming from the East. At 24:43 the technochat mentions that I destroyed the hangar so either the boxes were part of the hangar object or the my rounds that hit the hangar behind the boxes were the straw that broke the hangar's back. It does look like (cannon) rounds do damage structures and can
  4. It was a great evening, flying with @loopy, @=GenMarkof007= and @Etzel, very nice team work (thanks guys) and also amazing visuals: in the bombing mission we took off before sunrise in the dark and the sun came up on our way to the depot as you can see on Etzel's screenshots. Also, we had great results and even better: everybody did well, without losing anyone! This was the best. After hearing Etzel on coms about his predicament (out of bullets, 109 on his six) I went asap looking for him. As I approached Etzel with the 109 (K4) on his tail, I sprayed some bullets mainly to get the 109
  5. Amazing. I would wish I were able to give it a go to experience what it feels like. Thanks for quenching my curiosity with your explanations You wouldn't happen to visit the Netherlands while taking your equipment with you anytime soon, would you?
  6. Again, spectacular screenshots of our endeavours!
  7. Impressive, and is that with DCS, IL2 or both? Also: is that in VR? One added complexity in VR seems to me that VR headsets use the environment as reference to determine how the user moves his head. When the seat moves IRL, the VR headset moves in relation to its environment, which communicates to the VR headset that the user moves his head while in game the pilot's head relative to the cockpit does not.
  8. These certainly look amazing and I admire they are able to make a 6 DOF motion simulator for these price points, really impressive. I do wonder how good the experience is and I always wonder if these try to simulate the forces tour virtual pilot experience or (merely) the relative position of the pilot in game. As an illustration: making a (tight) turn to the right in an aircraft would correspond to position change of the pilot's seat rolling to the right. In real life, an immobile chair rolling to the right corresponds to feeling the force of gravity rolling to the right, i.e. inc
  9. @Etzel, These posts are such fun to see, your screenshots give an almost cinematographic impression of how our missions went. You chose excellent viewpoints for the screenshots showing our online endeavours, they sure make for some pretty pictures! Thanks for taking the time to put these with the story behind it on the forum.
  10. But, that's the best part! (besides the visuals maybe) That is incredibly sweet
  11. Finally! That left aileron control wire drove me crazy
  12. @Butzzell, is JG1 playing a particular side tonight?
  13. Given that my wife and I are just the two of us, we decided to give Joyeux Noël a go after Christmas dinner. What a great movie, very touching without getting (too) cheap. @Snaggle, thanks for the tip! Merry Christmas, everyone!
  14. Your Christmas tree looks amazing, nice form and great decorations. Also my compliments on the pickle, I can't help but experiencing a strange form of pickle envie... Here's our tree:
  15. @Snaggle Good to hear that those horrible blocky crashes are a thing in the past for you and that you will now be able to crash in high resolution Seriously, your positive impressions seem consistent with what I have seen online so far: I don't recall seeing anyone who was unimpressed. I have a request, though: would you mind doing some IL2 test runs, preferably on some busy servers (i.e. having many concurrent planes)? I would be very curious to know how your CPU + GPU handle the G2, what FPS you typically see as well as what your lowest observed FPS is. Also, about your configura
  16. You lucky man Please do let us know what your experience is!
  17. I already mentioned this in the debriefing in TS yesterday, but I had a great evening flying with the SCG and JG1 pilots. Because I would consider myself a beginner (WW2) pilot, the PvE missions are much more enjoyable for me as I actually have the time to experiment and learn flying the aircraft. When we fly PvP, I simply get eliminated before being able to try to improve and I make no progress at all. I hope that leaves enough of a challenge for the other more seasoned pilots when we fly PvE.
  18. Amazing, it looks like "yes" has a solid lead over "yes". Who'd have thought? On a more serious note: the proposal makes completely sense, though for me personally, I'd have to vote "no" (if I were able to), playing in VR myself. I would understand if a majority of pilots would favour reverting to RoF.
  19. Robin Takolander demonstrates the ruthless fight for domination in a Sabre vs. Mig 19 confrontation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buWWCMjP-hQ
  20. FYI, I had such a blast yesterday. I love the joint missions; it is incredible to see the ground troups advance and do their thing from the air. Even better when there is actually some useful complementary action between the air and the ground troups. Also, it was great flying with the SCG pilots who were most courteous and hospitable. We had some great moments yesterday and I'm looking forward to repeating the experience when there will be another occasion to do so (soon?).
  21. Sounds like fun, I will most likely join to see if I can provide some semi-useful air support.
  22. Thanks for all the replies, as most people indicated they tend to prefer "Either side", I'll do the same.
  23. @Vonrd Thanks for the heads up! I had the same question as @Etzel I'm fine either way. Unless there is a preference for other JG1 members to do otherwise, I think I would tend towards "Central preferred". Does anyone have an explicit preference? Above all, I would prefer to fly among fellow JG1 pilots
  24. Great news indeed, congrats Hotlead!
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