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  1. S! All Results of Sunday TNS, Eisenhower sacks Patton after total failure to capture Vorden. German forces Advance towards Antwerp. Allied campaign in danger of total collapse. Congratz to German forces. Well done indeed!
  2. S! All We continue the Sunday Tank N Spank at 2:30 pm Eastern North American time. Weird thing is that it is almost a mirror of Wednesday TNS. Here we have the Germans with 7 bases squeezing the Allies into 2 bases. Will the allies hold out? Will they be able to break out? Ready for bandages all round.
  3. S! A few reminders. Saturday, 10, October, at 2:00 pm Eastern North American time, hostilities begin. Server will be up at 1:45 so people can get online and see what the targets are. Please remember their is a flack fence. You need to be higher than 1000 meters to cross the front. Check Red and Blue team areas on discord to see if there are any plans. Sorry for the late decision on teams. Teams should try and select commanders or get some type of structure set up.
  4. They updated their privacy policy. It broke the launcher. The kink posted by Lee should fix it.
  5. S! All Results of 7, Oct. Allies put up a strong attempt and pushed the Germans back to KleineDorf. This only strengthened the German resolve. Trapped like rats they broke out and infected Bravo November. Final positions are Allies 7, Germans 2. Germans refuse to surrender. Will they survive next week?
  6. A simple song with a simple beat. The video is almost hypnotic. Cry
  7. Butzzell

    Wen TNS

    S! All Wen night will continue where it left off. Allies had 5 areas and Germans had 4. See you at 9 pm Eastern time.
  8. S! All Even though it is a small map, navigation can be tough when on the ground in a tank. To help a bit, Moxy made a map showing cities, flags and spawn points. Green lines are bridges.
  9. Moxy, talk to me before u update or open mission editor. Very important or else !
  10. S! All, Update was earlier than expected. Info here.
  11. S! JG1_Butzzell_J10 JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) CDT
  12. S! All, This has been a quick shift to RoF. I have tried to get some pictures together for basic info. Planes Even numbered mission Map Odd numbered mission map Objectives for each side Entente Central Bridge (Destroy gun on bridge) Bridge (Destroy gun on bridge) Factory Factory Aerodrome (Destroy gun in oil drums) Aerodrome (Destroy gun in oil drums) Arty Spot Arty Spot Recon HQ Recon HQ Recon Front Line Destroy ship moving on a river General Capture Spy pick up Destroy Front line weak point Destroy Spy secondary target Destroy Reserve unit Destroy reserve unit Destroy Arty Spot secondary Destroy Arty Spot secondary Destroy vehicles at HQ Destroy vehicles at HQ Destroy Recon Secondary Destroy Recon Secondary
  13. S! Tank and plane set is the same as is running on server now. This is just an intro set. JG1 will be doing Allied side for this outing.
  14. S! All, I posted the intro to Tank 'N Spank on the TC forums. please note that we will be using the unofficial RoF TS for coms. This and SRS looked like the easiest way to get people on coms. "This is an introductory event. The mission is intermittently running on the JG1 server so that people can check it out. It will be run as an open server event on Sept 20th and 27th at 2:30 pm Eastern North American time. In game coms SRS will be available. Recommended coms are on Team Speak ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 pw- 1917. Axis players please use main German channel and Allied players please use main English channel.
  15. S! All We had a problem with friendly fire on ground objects. Kliegmann identified it as relating to gun posts and bunkers. They have been removed along with some tents and other objects. I tested this by bombing with a Bristol. This is a great map for WW I planes. The slower planes allow you to see landmarks much better.
  16. S! All Klaiber went wild and updated the JG1 stats server to the latest version and he added......... wait for it...........drum roll please...................TANKS !
  17. S! All We are looking at running FiF using RoF. If you want to participate please vote in our poll on the RoF Forums. Link Here.
  18. S! All We are looking at running FiF using RoF. If you want to participate please vote in our poll on the RoF Forums. Link Here.
  19. S! All It was a great mission. Will will have another mission Friday, 11, September.
  20. Works on JG1 server. Will start at 19:30 Zulu which is close to 3:30 pm EDST North America..... I hope. Coalition change at 2 hours. Landed finish mission time out 30 sec. Working on respawn penalty. Have it set to 60 sec. Not working exactly.
  21. S! All SCG_Darth Tater posted that her husband SCG_CorZero, Joe Johns, lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Condolences to Diana Johns in her time of mourning.
  22. Hello Willi, Thank you for filling out the application so well. Our Commanding Officer will get in touch with you very soon.
  23. S! All, 777 has all their flight sims on big sale. You can buy directly from them or through STEAM. Info here.
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