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  1. So, a hot fix for the hot fix for the broken update that did not fix the DM. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
  2. S! All Full tournament version like last Sunday but on Stalingrad winter map. Siren at 1 minute before top of hour. Flares at top of hour. NDB at air fields. North are beacon 1. South are beacon 2. Same planes and tanks. Server comes up at 8:45 pm. Mission runs 3 hours.
  3. They did it again. MG do not cause damage. Only cannons cause damage. Prepare for a hot fix.
  4. S! Etzel The new format is an attempt to get rid of the quake air battles and make the air war part of the ground war.
  5. 2:00 pm Please see the tns update at IL2 forums.
  6. Merry Christmas to all. Share the joy and love.
  7. That is just crazy. Install problem?
  8. Great mission. Loved the terrain and the surprises.
  9. Absolutely beautiful. Merry Christmas
  10. S! Loopy Thanks for the info. I tried high and yes it is very smooth. Not sure which is better. Also is this one more example of 777 doing things backwards?
  11. S! ALL Maybe I am just slow or missed something in the update notes. We have all discussed the new terrain bumpiness. Well, there is a new setting in the Graphics Settings panel. You will find "Terrain Roughness". I believe the default setting is low. I think if we set this to High, we could get some flying tanks. The really big news is that you can turn it off and it still gets rid of soggy ground. It does not smooth out everything but the FC planes now have about the same ability to land off field as RoF. Now to launch a Tiger over a farm..........
  12. S! All The event was somber, respectful and beautiful. The best part was not the flyover but the personal stories. He lives forever as people share those memories.
  13. S! All Saturday 5, December is our last session for this year. Remember, Red team is Central and Blue team is Entente
  14. S! All We have been doing some rather different maps and configurations for TnS. I liked the one where you are focused on capturing the city. The city was a lot of action. The other map was our first map with nine territories. This was a larger area with varied terrain. We modified the tank line up so that the heavy tanks respawn slower and the medium tanks respawn quicker. We moved the airfields a little farther away. We tried two spawn points for each flag to counter spawn camping. It caused more confusion than benefit. For this Wen. I have the original map with the modified tank line up and the further airbases. While TnS is designed to be a weekly event where captured territories are carried forward, I have this session set to declare a win for the team with the most territories at the end.
  15. S! All Lots on sale including FC and 75% off on RoF stuff. announcement details
  16. S! All Only two sessions left. We switch sides for these two sessions. Red team will be Central and Blue team will be Entente.
  17. S! All Update for IL2 Great Battles. Lots of things for Il2 and Tank Crew. Nothing for FC.
  18. S! All Scores for the last session of Phase A have been posted here. There were two missions completed by Red team that did not show on the final screens. Those errors have been found and corrected. Phase B stats with the normal times, now that North America is back on real world time. The plane set advances for this phase.
  19. S! All Wen TnS at 9:00 pm. We pick up where the Allies had captured Helmond. Last week we found out it is easier to defend a city than capture it. We will see what happens this week.
  20. S! All One more week of Phase A. A few quick reminders: A flak fence runs down the middle of No Mans Land. You want to be at 1000 meters or higher. ( This means you Gen Markof ) Flak inside the playing map is set to low. There is flak outside the borders and it is set to high. Not just along the front but around the borders. You can fly outside the map area but it is dangerous. WARNING! Time change in Europe. For European players, the start time will be one hour EARLIER. Plane set for Phase B is being finalized. It will be posted very soon.
  21. S! All We have done our first two sessions. For our next two sessions we switch sides. Red team will be Central and Blue team will be Entente. That will be the end of Phase A. For Phase B we will advance the plane set and do four more sessions. A glitch was found in one of the Central Arty Spot Secondary. The vehicle unit at Bip was not spawning. Error found and corrected. Regarding flying outside of the area marked on the map: You can fly anywhere you want to go. There are no rules on this. It can be very dangerous. The map area shows the borders of where you will find targets. Inside this area flak AI is set to low. Outside this area flak AI is set to high and is very deadly.
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