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  1. S! JG1_Butzzell_J10 JG Nr. I Richthofen (https://jg1.org/) CDT
  2. S! All, This has been a quick shift to RoF. I have tried to get some pictures together for basic info. Planes Even numbered mission Map Odd numbered mission map Objectives for each side Entente Central Bridge (Destroy gun on bridge) Bridge (Destroy gun on bridge) Factory Factory Aerodrome (Destroy gun in oil drums) Aerodrome (Destroy gun in oil drums) Arty Spot
  3. S! Tank and plane set is the same as is running on server now. This is just an intro set. JG1 will be doing Allied side for this outing.
  4. S! All, I posted the intro to Tank 'N Spank on the TC forums. please note that we will be using the unofficial RoF TS for coms. This and SRS looked like the easiest way to get people on coms. "This is an introductory event. The mission is intermittently running on the JG1 server so that people can check it out. It will be run as an open server event on Sept 20th and 27th at 2:30 pm Eastern North American time. In game coms SRS will be available. Recommended coms are on Team Speak ts3rof.flying-barans.ru:7777 pw- 1917. Axis players please use main German channel and Allied
  5. S! All We had a problem with friendly fire on ground objects. Kliegmann identified it as relating to gun posts and bunkers. They have been removed along with some tents and other objects. I tested this by bombing with a Bristol. This is a great map for WW I planes. The slower planes allow you to see landmarks much better.
  6. S! All Klaiber went wild and updated the JG1 stats server to the latest version and he added......... wait for it...........drum roll please...................TANKS !
  7. S! All We are looking at running FiF using RoF. If you want to participate please vote in our poll on the RoF Forums. Link Here.
  8. S! All We are looking at running FiF using RoF. If you want to participate please vote in our poll on the RoF Forums. Link Here.
  9. S! All It was a great mission. Will will have another mission Friday, 11, September.
  10. Works on JG1 server. Will start at 19:30 Zulu which is close to 3:30 pm EDST North America..... I hope. Coalition change at 2 hours. Landed finish mission time out 30 sec. Working on respawn penalty. Have it set to 60 sec. Not working exactly.
  11. S! All SCG_Darth Tater posted that her husband SCG_CorZero, Joe Johns, lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Condolences to Diana Johns in her time of mourning.
  12. Hello Willi, Thank you for filling out the application so well. Our Commanding Officer will get in touch with you very soon.
  13. S! All, 777 has all their flight sims on big sale. You can buy directly from them or through STEAM. Info here.
  14. I think Gen is trying to keep it simple by using the Oseau roster numbers. That way people keep their number across platforms. Swapping the S for R is ok although I do not think it is necessary. We do NOT need to get into historical numbering schemes or patterns. The guy we do not want to meet.
  15. Definitely wait for a sale to get Bodenplatte. The sale price will drop after Normandy comes out.
  16. S! All It was a lot of fun. Excellent mission with a lot of surprises. Very professional attitude both with coms and commands. Great organization for such a large group. Many thanks to SCG for the invite.
  17. The missions are multi player that can be played by one person. They are up on the JG1 Server. I have tested them fairly well. That means I modified some positions, tried different tank matchups and got killed a lot.
  18. S! All With the recent interest in TC, I have built some missions. They are a variety of capture the flag. They can be done as a single player against AI or as teams on opposite sides. All maps have a good deal of enemy AI. Some are moving. Some are stationary. Some are hidden. Capture Lapino: First to capture the airfield wins. Medium difficulty. Lots of hidden AI and nothing to hide behind. Moving AI trying to sneak up on you. Capture Flendugal: The flag is in the city. Easy difficulty. AI is on the move and hidden in the city. Lots of farm buildings to provide some
  19. Butzzell

    Tank skins

    Love the tank. Thank you so much.
  20. Butzzell

    Tank skins

    S! All Not sure what we will be doing for tank skins but... I want to keep my personal symbol if possible. butzzell rabbit.psd
  21. S! All The mission is running on the JG1 server. It would be nice to get about 10 players on the German side to test it. Maybe Friday at 9 pm eastern?
  22. Wow! Very classy. Big CONGRATZ to both of you.
  23. Butzzell


    ok, trying to set up for server. not sure. have installed and started. not sure if ports are open. not sure where to put in local ip addy.
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