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FiF and FC


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From the looks of the present FC, we will be using RoF for Black September and FiF 2018 fall.  Not much new there.



For the FC version of FiF. We have many options. 


The number of live or killable object is greatly increased. In the past we have randomly selected one of three targets. With FC we can have all three as live targets. So..... 3 real bridges not AAA trucks, 3 factories, 3 Trains, 3 Ships, 3 airfields and 3 on road convoys.


I think the standard HQ recon is still a viable mission,  Both Deciman and AnKor are looking into it but it will probably be after FC is released


Trains will have MG cars for defense.


Bridges will have a  machine gun for defense. No flak gun. Maybe 2 MGs


Factories will have one distant Flack gun and one close in MG instead of 2 flack guns.


The other thing is the ingame repeating target list. Much of this can be replaced with icons on the map. The example is the factory. You start out with 3 icons on the map. As the targets are destroyed the icons are removed from the map. That way you know what still needs to be done.   For pop up targets it is the same thing. When you complete the artyspot or a recon, rescue, general capture, spy mission etc. You will get a message that a new target is active. You will see a new icon on the map and if you mouse over, it will say if it is a ship or trucks or horses etc.


This is just the beginning. 

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Depending on the availability of the roads rivers and train tracks, we should be able to have 3 in each category available in a mission. This adds six more targets.


Many of the subtitles are gone. If you see a red icon on the map, go kill it.  There is still the repeating list of things that need to be done but the repeating locations that appear on the right side are gone.


Because icons can be turned on and off  we have a new option for the General Capture and the Spy mission.  We can leave them as a region to be searched or we can turn on an Icon in their location.  Turning on the icon makes it go faster and also allows for it to be placed in a greater variety of places. It does not have to be way in the back.


We could try it one way one time and the other way the next time to see which people prefer?



The HQ is still a must find target but after the plane gets back with pictures, it has an icon that turns on.


The front line recon also has Icons so it is no longer an A map, B map thing. It now has 3 random locations.


Aerodrome attack may be changed to both buildings, hangars, static planes, Machine guns and anything else I can cram in there. Doing damage to any of them adds to a cumulative total.

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Couple of questions. With respect to the red icons, will some of them still be secondaries that only appear after other objectives are accomplished first, or do they all just show up from the beginning? Whenever they appear, can the enemy side see them? With regard to the spy mission, I like the idea of having an icon; but it doesn't make sense to have it anywhere, since you would not drop/pick up a spy near the front lines. So if the location is random it might be weird. The General Capture mission would make more sense to be random, since the General could be visiting just about anywhere, including "touring the front lines".


Outstanding job on all that you've accomplished already!

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Secondaries appear with Icons when primary is done. Enemy does not see them.  I think the spy and General should probably stay "as is" as long as the map allows those locations in the rear. Having to search an area makes for interesting game play.


The whole thing with icons is that you can just look at the in game map and see what needs to be done.

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FC needs to show 2 seaters a little "LOVE" :wub:


It's amazing how little choice of those that there is, even in RoF (if you disregard the heavies and the seaplanes).  Who knows when they will consider the time right to release a pair of 2-seaters.  Not sure exactly at what point that happened with RoF.  (EDIT: it appears that it took approximately 2 years after the initial release; and actually, they released the twin engined heavies first, before any of the single engined 2-seaters)  What I do remember is that the first 2-seater was the DFW C.V, and then later, the Breguet XIV.  I wouldn't be surprised if in FC they do the same thing, since they're common, multi-role planes that could act as a place holder for just about anything.  I can remember people flying around in these using them as 2-seat fighters and doing quite well.  In any case, we can't really have an FC version of FiF until that happens, can we?

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Per the initial announcement it said halb cl2 and brisfit.


Yes I see that now, thanks.  It also implies all of those planes will be released at once as part of "volume one", yet some people have mentioned that the Camel and Pfalz D.IIIa are going to be released next, which is confusing; are the planes going to be released piece-meal or all at once in groups (volumes)?


EDIT: the blog says the Camel and Pfalz are being "developed", in my mind that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be released ahead of the first volume.


EDIT EDIT:  it does say that by purchasing the early access for FC, it does give you access to new content as it's developed....makes me wonder what the prices will be like, compared to just buying the completed volume one.

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