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So this is interesting


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This happens when you have some temporary heavy lag.

When you lag out the server can't sync your position properly for some time and you are somewhere else that the server thinks you are.

When you fire it get suddenly synced.

Its not a visibility issue but a net code issue.

I was one of those invisible planes once. After a reboot and the lag stopped it went away.

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What happened on your video is what my vis is as normal.

But running experiments....in my case, a single pixel "is" present at distance. (magnifying glass)

Then pop's in to more pixels(visible) to popping in as an air craft. (looks like the 2nd render failed)

in other words the render images are stair stepping, and not "growing" at a consistent

rate as the aircraft approaches. Ironically when they 1st released the differed rendering

the vis bubble was set to 15k (now 10k), At 15k for myself and others the rendering work correctly and

had the proper sense of approach speed.

 There is some reason that "they" are choosing 10k.


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I have been wondering if the walking back of the aircraft rendering code has something to do with possibly finding a problem somewhere that they just have not said anything about.  Until the "hotfixes" we all had improved visibility and rendering in vanilla, then after the hotfixes, things went back to the way it was.  Or possibly, they tried an experiment with rendering code, to "see what would happen", then walked the code back cause it wasn't actually finished yet?????  Maybe it was meant for a beta test, and the code was accidentally left in on the public patch.

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