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Memorial Flight Honoring Tim Owens "WWIcy"


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The WingWalkers are a twenty plus year old squadron with a long history in the flight sim community. 

We lost one of our flight leads last month after a short flight with cancer.  Icy was our Flight Lead for Gold Flight, our bombing group.  Icy flew with a positive spirit and a reckless abandon that made flying a lot of fun.  We will miss him greatly. 

We will be flying the "Missing Man" formation in his honor on Tuesday night.  We might blow some things up too, Icy would have been disappointed if we didn't.  If you are interested in joining us send me a PM and I will share the server password with you. 



CO WingWalkers

Icy Memorial_v3.jpg

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I have posted my condolences on the WW site and to Geezer regarding the extremely sad and untimely passing of ICY so I won't repeat here.  I plan on attending for sure. 

I did post a link to our new Bf 109 skins per Geezer's request.

I added a 109G2 skin for Butzzell so that he has something to wear. Hotlead and any other WW1 types that don't have WW2 skins, let me know and I can make a uniform for you if you want to attend.

All who plan on attending please be sure to download and install the new Bf 109 skins here so that we can be properly dressed:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/tttoj4d2yj2emso/PPR Great Battles Bf109 Final 11-20-20.zip?dl=0

(Butzzell's is in there now but for those who have already installed them Butzz's skin is attached here.)


I believe that Oesau regular Tues night practice will be cancelled.

And, I have the password for the memorial so either PM me or see me on TS.

This is their TS: 


Edited for privacy. 


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Thank you to all who attended the Memorial service (I know there were a lot of you folks there, impressive turn-out!) 

If anyone has track files, audio and/or video recordings you'd like to share, please PM @WWGeezer or myself with info on how to obtain those files. We're currently working through quite a lot of captured footage and would love to have any you folks may have captured.


On an unrelated note, if someone could PM me JG1's own TS (and discord or other comms venue) info, I'd appreciate it. Reason? New build PC, didn't back up everything I thought I did. Now my TS server list has only one entry, when I used to have a couple dozen, lol. Thanks in advance!

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