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graphic glitch

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I decided to give BoS a try while it's on sale.    It has given me the opportunity to finally get a shot of the kind of graphic glitch I've been talking about in FC.

In the attached shot the layer of green that runs through the gunsight is actually above the plane.   From above it appears as normal terrain, until you try to land.  The light blue is graphic dead space, and the real terrain is the green layer below the gunsight.   A moment before this I had flown directly into trees that appeared to have tops above me, but flew right through them.

Ever seen this before?   This is actually worse than what I've seen in FC.  Is there a cure?


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I recall seeing something weird like that when I was using that mod for VR zoom. Every time there was an update it messed with that mod.

If you have used mods in that past I would check your mod install folder or JSMGE to see if there is something there that is no longer supported or needs an update. What about shaders.

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I remember when the whole MiGoto mod cheat fiasco came up and Reshade was outlawed on some servers, I wasn't able to get rid of everything (I had also used SweetFX and some other shader thingy as I recall). I did wind up doing a reinstall. That's why I'm now really leery of shader programs. (I also spent way too much time tweaking with the bottom line of deciding that the base graphics are just fine).

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I did a re-install just to clear out any residue of Reshade, but no change.

Just an hour ago I followed advice from another poster who had viewed a track I uploaded and said it looked normal to him.   He advised manually setting the "full" and "win" resolutions in my startup config to 2160x3840 which I did (not sure what they really mean...).    Also advised setting all NVIDIA control panel settings for IL2.exe to defaults.     I did both and viewed the  the track I had posted and did not see the problem.    Also tried the mission again and did not see the issue.    keeping fingers crossed.

The other aspect of this change is what it will do to spotting as I had set my NVIDIA settings to maximize that (not that it did a whole lot of good)

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Well, the problem didn't go away.   I have perhaps identified a pattern.   Here is my post from the IL2GB tech forum :




I think I've identified a pattern.   The graphic problem which was intermittent in FC, seems to be pretty constant in BoS.    What I have noticed is that, in either module, if I load a mission and the glitch occurs, I can shut down the game then restart and the problem is gone.    I just did this with a track I recorded of the problem.    Recorded the track, played it back and saw the problem.   Shut down and re-started the game and the track now looks normal (mission looks normal too, BoS "Airfield Strike")


So far this seems to be a pretty consistent pattern.


The funny thing is that I had a similar problem in Rise of Flight.    I never saw a graphic problem, but the game did start crashing after a few months  when attempting to load the first mission after starting the game   Re-start the game and the missions load normally.


I don't really remember for sure, but the RoF problem may have started right around the time I upgraded from GTX970 to 1080ti.



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