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Consolidated Download Links

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I'm going to do my best to keep this first post updated until we can get a proper download page.  
Remember that you have to download the file, unzip and put them at "C:\Program Files\1C Game Studios\IL-2\data\graphics\skins\[AIRCRAFT VERSION]", all of them. File path may be a bit different on your own computer but ...data\graphics\skins is where you need to go.
IL-2 Great Battles Skins by Hess (2 June 2018)

IL-2 Great Battles Skins by Vonrd (26 January 2019)
. . . 

Bf 109G-2
Lipfert personal skin (censored version) by Baron
Fw 190A-2
S.5 'Black 3' by Baron NOTE: Contains Hakenkruez
Fw 190A-3
Historical S.4 and S.5 by Baron NOTE: Contains Hakenkruez
Historical S.4 by Baron NOTE: Contains Hakenkruez


Fw 190A-4

Historical I./JG 1 by Baron NOTE: Contains with and without Hakenkruez


Fw 190A-8
Historical JG1 (from Mombeek) by Baron (19 February 2019) NOTE: Contains Hakenkruez

Mc.202, series III
378-Red 11 by Baron
151-Red 1> by Baron
96-Red 1 by Baron

III./JG 1:
III./JG 1 skins NOTE: Contains Hakenkruez

Other Squadron Skins:
Wing Walkers (6 February 2019)
US103 (SPAD 13.C1 orig)

US103 (SPAD 13.C1 - 2K) by US103_Larner

US103 (SPAD 13.C1 - 4K) by US103_Larner
Jasta 5 by J5

Jasta 2 by J2_Trupobaw

. . .

JG1 Flying Circus:


JG1 skins for Flying Circus by Vonrd (27 January 2019)


Alternate Pfalz for JG1_Butzzell by Butzzell (5 January 2019)


Fokker Dr.1 Jasta 6 Historical by Baron (5 February 2019)


Fokker Dr.1 J6 Update Virtual by Baron (5 February 2019)

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Baron's historical Fw 190A-8s have been added.




Also, a consolidated link for all JG1 skins for Flying Circus has been added.




The old Dr I link (from August 2018) has been removed.

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