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JG1 on Coconut Server?


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So the Wingwalkers stumbled into the Coconut COOP Campaign Server without knowing what it is.  We stained the carpet, broke the furniture and than ran into some JG1 guys that seemed to know what was going on.  Clearly we needed to study up to do the campaign justice.


We have been reading up on it, looks really interesting.  Are some JG1 folks flying regularly on it?  Do you want company?  The campaign is complicated enough, we might do well to join the JG1 folks and get on the same TS channel.


If you are flying at certain days or times, let us know so we can coordinate our efforts.  We typically fly Tues and sometimes Thursday nights.


Sounds like Coconut is in the middle of relocating servers, so not sure when it will be up next, but thought I would check in.

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We also typically fly Tuesday...start 6 pm pacific. Might try it this Tuesday if that works for you all.


Do you guys have your own TS channel so we can be on the same comm? You can PM me if you like or we can share ours,


We have several pretty capable bombers ( and some a little less capable ((me)).

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Hey Geezer

I'm sure all would welcome WW to fly with us. I hope to be online Tues but I still have recurring problems with having to do overtime   :( .


I think everything posted on the maps is correct (except possibly the plane icon - I thought that meant enemy patrol airborne  - regardless... same difference... look out for enemy AI in the area.


Not sure if Coconut will be up though... this posted yesterday:

"For those curious about both the normal and expert servers being down, there was a msg from coconut on discord that the servers are being moved to a new host and it could be a couple of days. "


I personally prefer TAW but will fly whatever the consensus is.


I'll PM our TS info.



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Posted this morning:

"From coconut's discord site: 

Game servers and campaign system have been installed and are up. Stats are not up yet. I'll probably need to restart the server due to windows updates, so consider today as a test day. Feel free to join, but there's a risk your flight will be interrupted by a server restart.

Moscow map."

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We had a great time too.  It was hair raising for me, have never taken off or landed in the JU 52.  Took a long time on the ground to make sure I had enough things configured to get in the air and then thankfully had enough time in auto pilot to figure out where the rest of the temp controls were.  Was thrilled to land and unload, and make it back ( under attack).


The General and the rest made us feel very welcome and did a great job of teaching us along the way.  And yes this was too much fun not to do it again.


So........I could use a little more explanation of how the campaign works.  Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get my head around what Coconut has done.


1. Is there a pattern?  Meaning if we flew at 6pm on Tuesday, does the same mission run again in one week, with the war state changing based on this weeks results?


2. Does that mean Coconut actually edits the mission every week for every timeslot  for every day it runs ( can't be so!), or is it some how automated?  


3. When the mission was over it rolled into another mission, so does it actually run from 5:30 to 8:30 and than another mission runs?

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My Daughter #2 is in town this Tuesday, so I will not be able to fly....but I think the WW's will be showing up on your TS at 6pm pacific for another round.   


(VonRd posted on our site with your skins as well, hopefully folks will have those loaded so we can see how handsome you'all look in person.)

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basically good idea as I could use some training in russion planes for sure.... Only thing is: I don't like the idea of changing teams during a running campaign. So I would prefer to start directly on russian side...


Just in the case if russian progress on the map would be too fast we should switch to german side and try to expand the duration of that map by winning back some territorries we had won before....


Planning to be online tonight, somewhen around 8 p.m. UTC


Btw.: Is it meanwhile possible again to set up Squads at Coconut?

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I didn't buy them yet, and I was having that issue last night after the update.  I evenually made it onto Liberty, but the messages were loaded with people having crashing issues, upon landing, upon applying mods, ect.  Because of the update, there could possibly be a requirement for mission builders to re-load and resave the missions before they work right again like what happened with the last update

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We now have a new map/campaign (Kuban Map) on Coconut Expert...

Talking with Jocassee a few nights ago, what do you think of changing side for this new campaign... this way, we could try and learn the Russian planes.

I would suggest doing (2) rounds campaigns as German before changing as Russian for one round.


Let us know what you think of this? Thx...


With both Moxy and Vonrd back, you should coordinated with them.  They may have plans for practices and training that could include Coconuts and TAW.

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Gen, Klaiber is suggesting that you bring this recommendation to the II. Gruppenstab and not make commitments before understanding their intent.


Your idea has merit, don’t get me wrong, but decisions for official Gruppe practice times cannot be made by a forum post rally.

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My intent isn’t to stifle your ideas, Gen. What I mean is to bring your suggestions to the Gruppenstab, perhaps within the squadron-only forums or a PM, and let them either incorporate it into their plan, schedule it for another time, or whatever the case may be.


Everyone within the squadron should have a voice and feel the ability to use it. It is how we will grow. However, the leadership is appointed to channel these creative ideas into a path forward that everyone can get on.

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