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I’ve been watching the activity at the Marine base in K. Bay. Got some good shots. Lots of flying yesterday. UH-1s, AH-1s, MH-60s, H-53s, and Ospreys.


OMG UH-1's, AH-1's and H-53's?  Geez, I can't believe anybody, even the National Guard, would still being using that stuff (I mean, I worked on that stuff).


60's and Ospreys I could see....


In any case, you're in Hawaii, why you lookin' at that    :lol:

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MOS: 67N - UH-1H mechanic here.  Stationed Schofield Barracks.  If you can get on Wheeler, you can go into the valley to the old runway.  There's still bullet holes in the runway where the zeros strafed while a pair of P-40s attempted to take off there.  There's also still battle damage on the hangers at wheeler as well

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In 2007 I, and a number of other guys in my unit, were presented the option to fast rope from the Osprey. We would have been the first ones ever if I remember correctly. However, given the Ospreys track record up to that point and the fact that I was roughly 3 weeks away from finishing my enlistment term, I politely declined, using appropriate expletives of course. I watched from the barracks as I sipped a cold beer.

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