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  1. If you're using IL2, one of the easiest ways, is if you're able, join us on Weds night, around 8 pm central. We're currently testing for a WWII tourney, and you can see my logic in action, and also get a copy of it, cause the mission DLs with the mission. But anyways, I use a simple complex trigger attached to a specific **Named** aircraft, and connected to subtitles and activations and deactivations. VERY simple. The "Recon" Aircraft passes over the target, this registers to a counter and the first of 3 subtitles. When the recon plane passes over the target a third time, it activates the target, and turns off the recon ring. As a side project I have started on a timed feature, so the recon acft has to remain in a designated area "taking pictures" for a period of time, but that it still in its infancy.
  2. I can always answer any questions you may have
  3. Nevermind, read the rule change wrong
  4. The General/Spy mission I agree with especially considering that after landing to PU the General/Spy, then the plane has to fly to a secondary to trigger it, then fly home, but the General/Spy DOES NOT have to land at a base, they can ditch on friendly territory, unlike the Rescue which MUST land at a friendly base.
  5. Instead of waisting bullets, you fly through the chute, upper wing just below the canopy, does nothing the the crate, and it collapses the chute, and its a LONNNNNGGGGGG way down at that point. Then when someone cries foul, shrug and say, "Oooops, sry bout that, I was trying to admire the pilot graphics and got a little too close" Dont ask how I know that, cause NO ONE in JG 1 would be that despicable. Just sayin'
  6. This page gives some of the info you're looking for broken down into each aircraft. I actually think these numbers are lifted directly from the game specifications tab. You have to remember though that there is a random component to the listed max times. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25993-aircraft-flight-and-technical-specifications-and-operational-details/
  7. I have not flown the planes with consumables very much, so I cant help much there, but I tend NOT to go into boost unless I absolutely have to, I dont even take off in boost. The time before an engine blows in Combat and Emerg power is a set time, plus a random variable, just like in real life. Damage caused to the engine while in boost mode is cumulative, meaning if you constantly go into and out of boost, eventually you will blow the engine. In most cases, if I enter combat and have to enter boost, if I survive, I immediately RTB, cause I dont know how much damage it caused. I'll see if I still have the Emergency/Boost time chart and upload it if I can find it.
  8. No, no f4us yet. The P-47 is in Bodenplatte, which isn't on sale ($10.00 off for the pre-release). https://il2sturmovik.com/about/ This page lists the aircraft you get with each set.
  9. I have not flown against human pilots yet, but I set myself up against 2 groups of Vet level camels and flew 5 sorties. Early on in my fights I experienced the bobbing, but I relaxed on the flight controls and that went away. In all 5 sorties, I only experienced a blown engine twice, once from an over-dive, and once from an AI (and the AI was sitting on my tail for some time, punching holes in my entire air-frame while I finished off the camel in front of me). The problem I was having was over-shooting because the acft is FAST, and I have to readjust my site-picture (If I used the radiator as my site, I continually was firing high). My advice is have a lighter hand on the flight controls, and light feet on the rudder. I have found the rudder is very effective in FC, which is what one should expect, they're basically big, fat sails on the ass-end of the aircraft. I was disappointed there is no "F" model, but I'm hoping that will come soon. We now have 6 acft (3 per side), perhaps career night can start making a shift?
  10. Well I was planning on flying a KMCO flight for my Virtual Airline tonight, but I guess things may have changed
  11. This last Saturday, this is a video taken of Atlas air Flight #3591. This is the last landing and Take-off of the aircraft from KMIA. The landing takes place at 2:58, and the last take-off takes place at 5:25. 2 hours after the take-off footage, this aircraft crashes into a lake just outside of Houston. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3gzVdY3-To
  12. There is no WWI static planes yet, but I assume they will have at least a couple in the final product
  13. Butzzell and I have already been talking about that. Butzzell has some pretty awesome plans for it
  14. Nothing like working 12 hours fixing airplanes, only to come home, and simulate fixing airplanes LOL
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